June 27, 2004

Hail Mars!

What does a drag, a dancer and a doodad have in common? No, it's not not a dancing drag with a doodad, although that is not unheard of, well?...This Saturday, June 26, 2004, the Kimmel Center at Broad and Spruce Streets Phila. Pa presented its 3rd annual Summer Solstice, a festival that celebrated three aspects of Performing Arts: singing, dancing and playing musical instruments...

Philly's own Phildaelphia Orchestra 'kicked off' the celebration at 3:15 in its humble abode, the Verizon Hall (one could get lost behind its theater walls like Christine 'Daae'), with an impressive repertoire of works from famous composers. It was so grand and 'overwhelming', that I had a mental 'blackout' literally and I did not catch their names. I think one of them started with R and rhymed with "toscini".

Personal highlights for me were the group Onyx (an a-cappella quartet), Alessandro Magno and Cynthia Firing (opera and musical theater) and Sharon Gary-Dixon (cabaret and show tunes). It was amazing. I heard them sing live, and they did not missed a note. Prior to this experience, I was skeptical...not anymore.

From Mark Sweetman's Jazz quartet to innovative dance interpretation of Brian Sander's Junk to the groovin and rockin group Grey Eye Glances, it was an event not to be missed for all art lovers.

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June 25, 2004

I finished a book

I finally finished Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead

At first I didn't understand why the book was called The Fountainhead so I looked up the meaning of the word. Dictionary.com stated that fountainhead is the source/beginning of something, almost like an "originator". Now it all made sense, the two opposing ideas I recognized earlier : the practical versus the ideal. Howard Roark, the protagonist embodied the ideal while, Ellsworth Toohey, represented the 'practical' per se. The other main characters: Dominique Francon, Peter Keating, and Gail Wynand, were the characters 'in between'; they were the products of the ideal mixed with the practical.

This book is about the ego and one's integrity 'versus' collectivism, herd mentality/cliques (the power of one versus power of the multitudes (media)).

Sadly I can relate to Peter Keating but not totally. But while Howard is the fountainhead, Ellsworth tried to manipulate the people around him into suppressing Howard's creativity...

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June 24, 2004

Haiku inspired from meis 'amies'

I finally finished a book that's not related to any subject...

"My life's like a blur"
Getting high on life or myrrh
Aback life's a slur

Bare feet on Glass
Blind man turning, missed the edge
Beware of the path

Glittered specks on rouge
Prestige of ephemeric
Navel string to whims

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June 18, 2004

Guess Who?

Which Musical are these lyrcs from?
Who sang it?

When I think of home,
I think of a place, where there's love overflowing
I wish I was home,
I wish I was back there, with the things I've been knowing

Wind that makes the tall trees bend into leaning
Suddenly the snowflakes that fall have a meaning
Sprinkling the scene, makes it all clean

Maybe there's a chance for me to go back there
Now that I, have some direction
It would sure be nice to be back home
Where there's love and affection...

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June 9, 2004


“I felt caught up in a reverie of years long past” (William Styron).

Enri was in a bus. It was a bit hot, the air conditioning helped a little. He just passed by the Roman aqueduct "Pont-du-Gard". Now he and his classmates are voyaging towards the place where French Popes "were exiled", the place where the other half of Catholics centuries ago (14th century), thought it was appropriate to move the dilapidating 'Catholic Capital' the Vatican, away from Roma...

The first thing he saw was the white towering brick walls that barricaded the city. "What's behind those walls?", he thought. As soon as the bus was parked, he got out, eager and excited, the sun was shining. He followed his classmates in a trail left off by their guide Pierre Frankcier...

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June 2, 2004


Update of my Art class so far, I'm so glad...

I'm so glad I'm not an art major. I have a headache right now (I should drink cold water). Drawing for me in general is like writing an essay. It takes me a very long time to do it, and when I'm finish I'm still not done. I would need a day or two to look at it with "new eyes", in order for me to make corrections.

I think art is more abstract than writing. With writing you have words with specific (individual) letters, with different groupings: phrases, sentences, compounds, paragraphs, one page, and so on. From my own knowledge, in Art you have lines, lines, lines (vertical, horizontal, diagonal (maybe different quality of lines, length etc.), and after lines, you have curves, contours and all sorts of imaginable shapes.

I'm wondering about the stereotype about artists who could not find jobs, and end up "poor". The training they go through is so intense (Combining Math, Science, Creativity, Intuition, Logic, Abstract thinking etc.); artists are qualified to do many things in the world. I guess it's a matter of motivation on the artist's part.

On the totally weird side, I've only spent almost three weeks in Art class, and mostly everywhere I go, I see lines, verticals lines, horizontal lines. I also started to notice more and more vanishing points and "perspectives". I could just imagine a person who studied art for all his lifetime; just imagine how he sees the world. Would he be jaded...hhmm?

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June 1, 2004


The rain in spain stays mainly on the plain.

"Bill Clinton and 'Adobo'" is what I heard, I sat there eating fried chicken and rice with biscuit and mash potatoes with gravy. The adults recapped their "glory days" of eating in restaurants and being food 'conneussiours'. Meanwhile, I'm trying to visualize the image of 'long-ago'... Out of the blue, I thought: "wouldn't it be "loverly" if I suddenly broke out into a tune and started singing something in French, 'annunciating' the french sound clearly. "[Insert thinking-with-chin-resting-on-palm-of-a-hand-sideways-while-making-the-sound-hhmm]"

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