July 27, 2004

Weird Dream

The day before yesterday I had a weird dream. There was a baby and he was crying and I could see some of his bones. Then Last night, I dreamt that a friend finally called me and left two voice messages in my phone, and I was debating the difference between with this ice cream called "Pristine..." and cookies and cream, the noticable difference that I detected right away was their color, the other ice cream had a rouge hue...

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July 26, 2004

Cabaret Act III

In Act II, our heroine found out that China wasn't the place for her...

By happenstance, our protagonist landed in Norman's coast. However its stoney sands weren't as rough as the d-day battle, but rather it was smooth. Nonetheless it made an imprint on her foot. She walked off the beach and she reached the entrance to Charlemagne's Forest. Something's weird about this forest,, she sensed, it's as if it's alive, the trees, the flowers, the hills:

"The Hills are alive
With the sound of Music
With songs they have sang
For a Thousand years
The hills fill my heart
With the sound of Music
My heart wants to sing
Every song it hears..."

What the protagonist doesn't know is that this forest is haunted: this is where poison apples grow, where Beauty sleeps and the gentle snow, fairest of them all, casts a spell, a spell of eternal reverie: a place of nowhere, a place where one dreams and only dreams of what may...

Our protagonist went straight ahead into the woods. She wasn't sure if this was the right path, after all, she found out that China wasn't the place for her, where was her place? When she was in the forest, something changed in her. Somehow, she wasn't laden with worries. She felt light, almost ethereal. She was in a 'natural' high. The Forrest Nymphs beckoned her:

"[Your] heart wants to beat like the wings of the birds
that rise from the lake to the trees
[Your] heart wants to sigh like a chime that flies
from a church on a breeze..."

She heard the laughing of the brook as it tripped and fell over
stones on its way...

"[You want to] sing through the night like a lark who is learning to pray
[You'll] go to the hills because your] heart is lonely
[You know because you've] heard [it] before
[Your] heart will be blessed with the sound of music
And [you'll] sing once more..."

The mellifluous sound soothed her, and she followed it unquestioningly. It was so easy. It's as if she lost her mind, she's just floating on air following the path blindly. She would have gone to the hill of "Almost There but No Cigar" but a sprightly and brave creature jumped on her and startled her: breaking her reverie. The impact of the creature was like a pinch in the arm and a slap in the face combined. She fell midair and landed in the pillowy bush near a pond. She opened her eyes, a bit confused: where am I? what am I doing?

"When I was young
I never needed anyone
Learning was just for fun
Those days are gone...
All by myself, don't want to be
All by myself..."

Then she heard a squeaky lionatic voice: "Mais, tu n'es pas alone!"
It was weird, she heard it, but it was some sort of broken franglaise with a Brooklynite accent. "Remember moi, I hope tu me n'oublies pas!
"What?" she 'questioned', and she looked around, she didn't see anything. Then a squirrel hopped in front of her: her bushy tail followed. She was astounded, as she gazed at the rodentlike creature in front of her, in the rodent's eyes reflected hope that were once as big as the sky, but now, only a shawdowy glimpse.

"Je te presente: Moi!" "Je suis Fifi, dans un reality, I'm the coolest cat, one has ever seen, mais je, stuck dans ce body de, comment dit-on...ahh rodent?

She answered: "You mean a squirrel?"

Fifi: "Oui, C'est ca!

"This is insane!

Fifi: "Que? what's so "insane" about this seetuahhccionn!? Insane comes from de latin : insanus, prefix 'in' means 'non' et sanus comes de word 'sanus' quelle means health...hmmn, ah bon? Je regarde que you mean. You're right, c'est vrai, c'est sympa! Cette situation est 'insane', you're insane!

She: "I'm insane, you're a talking squirrel who thinks you're a cat, oh wait, I am insane, I'm talking to a talking squirrel who thinks it's a cat, oh wait, if I'm insane, then I wouldn't admit that I'm insane.

Fifi: "Oui et non, you're insane,c'est vrai mais, you're not insane because you're talking to a talking squirrel. You're not healthy!

She: "Well excuse me, I'm not the one with an identity crisis, I know who I am!

Fifi: Ah bon? Ecoute, I may look like a 'squirrel' on the outside mais, je sais qui suis un chat.

Then out of the blue, the Forrest Nymphs started to lull our protagonist with a spell:

"Conversation? Wit? [You have many doubts]
Manners? Charm?
They're no way to impress
So forget the inner [you] , observe the outer
[You are] what [you] wear and how [you] dress...
Such a crime
And the few who are invited Oooh overwear
To [our] wardrobe are delighted Oooh underwear
As they wander through [our] things Oooh anytime
To find en route [you'll always be] wandering through...
Dress has always been
Your strongest suit..."

Fifi: N'ecoute pas, stop! Arret! "Remember who you are! Don't you know, search within ton le couer: your heart's memory! Remember?!

"Memory, turn your face to the moonlight
Let your memory lead you
Open up, enter in
If you find there the meaning of what happiness is
Then a new life will begin

Memory, all alone in the moonlight
You can smile at the old days
[Your still] beautiful now
[You'll] remember the time [you] knew what happiness was
Let the memory live again

Burnt out ends of smokey days
The stale cold smell of morning
The streetlamp dies, another night is over
Another day is dawning

Daylight, [you] must wait for the sunrise
[You] must think of a new life..."

Our heroine, caught a glimpse of her self in the pond:

" There's a girl in the mirror
I wonder who she is
Sometimes I think I know her
Sometimes I really wish I did
There's a story in her eyes
Lullabies and goodbyes
When she's looking back at me
I can tell her [dream] was broken easily

'Cause the girl in my mirror
Is crying out tonight
And there's nothing I can tell her
To make her feel alright
Oh the girl in my mirror
Is crying 'cause of [doubt]
And I wish there was something
Something I could do

If I could
I would tell her
Not to be afraid
The pain that she's feeling
The sense of [hopelessness] will fade
So dry your tears and rest assured
[Your dream] will find you like before
When she's looking back at me
I know nothing really works that easily

'Cause the girl in my mirror
Is crying out tonight
And there's nothing I can tell her
Oh the girl in my mirror
Is crying 'cause of [doubt]
And I wish there was something
I wish there was something
Oh I wish there was something
I could do..."

She sobbed, a tear fell in the pond causing a wave of ringlets to bloom, like a flower of hope.

"I can't believe it's what I see
That the girl in the mirror
The girl in the mirror...
................................Is me!"

I can't believe what I see (no....)
(The girl in my mirror)
The girl in my mirror is me
Ohh...is me!

She shouted with glee: "It's me, it's me! How do you know so much about me?"

Fifi: "I am who am, not really, Je suis you, I mean, I knows what's it's like to be you, I am your aspirations, your hopes, I am your dreams, je ne sais pas if you get mon meaning..."

She: "If you're me, then why am I squirrel... I mean a cat?"

Fifi: C'est complicated, it's not that simple, you find meaning in your life and in whatever you dream of...par exemple, I once dreamt of playing as Gabrielle in Andrew Llyod Weber's Broadway's "Cats"...

She: "What happened?"

Fifi: "I just dreamed, I never really did anytheeng besides, dreaming, don't get me wrong, dreameeng est bonne pour le start, mais you have to go beyond that... "to infinity and beyond!", You have to believe!"

"If you believe
Within your heart
You'll know that no one can change
The path that you must go
Believe what you feel
And know you're right because
The time will come around
When you'll say it's yours

Believe that you can [achieve your dream]
Believe you can float on air
Then c[believe it] three times
If you believe
Then you'll be there
That's why I want you to
Believe in yourself
Right from the start
Believe in the magic
Right there in your heart
Go ahead believe all these things
Not because I told you to
But believe in yourself
If you believe in yourself
Just believe in yourself
As I believe in you..."

She: "Will you go with me?"

Fifi: "I'm always there..."

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July 22, 2004


Some time in the near future Act III of Cabaret will continue. Who knows what happened to our female protagonist in Act II, but in Act III she encounters Fifi the French squirrel who thinks she's a cat...stay tune!

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July 19, 2004

Why Mondays?!

What's up with Mondays?
Why do most popular songs decry Rainy Days and Mondays when water(rain) is revered as essential to life? Water and its tides, which are affected by the moon, often symbolizes life and growth. What's with the pessimistic attitude with life or something like it: beginning anew and changing.

Personally, I tried to change my own outlook of Mondays, but somehow I still feel apprehensive. I would do basically the same thing on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, but it would not feel so "dreadful." Why is that? Is it because of popular culture and its pervasive influence on the media: popular music perhaps.

I do not know when it all began, but the earliest reference I know of the murky Monday myth was in Jerome Kern's hit ballad "Can't help lovin dat man of mine" from the musical motion picture"Showboat" (1951). Lead soprano/actress, Julie LaVerne sang: "When he goes away, dats a rainy day, and when he comes back dat day is fine, de sun will shine!" In the 60s, the Mamas and The Papas piped out "Can't trust that day Monday...A-you can find me crying all of the time Monday" in their song Monday, Monday. During the Disco era of the 70s, Karen Carpenter crooned us with Rainy Days and Mondays: "Talkin' to myself and feelin' old...Rainy days and mondays always get me down." This is all so sad and depressing and all three of these were about love: coincidence...I think not!

Love...Ahhh love (Cute as a kewpie doll's buttoned-nose)! They say that "love lifts [one] up where [one] belongs...where eagles fly on a mountain high" yet "love makes [one] act like [one's a] fool." Perhaps a loony fool...by chance circumstance, Monday derives its origin from Latin 'dies lunae', in which it literally translates into 'Moon's day'. Isn't it another happenstance that the moon is connected with the Roman goddess Diana (Aka Artemis, greek goddess). Diana, Artemis, Selena and her other counterparts were all affiliated in conjugal acts of love:legitimate or not. A brief recap: Diana is the goddess of fertility, Artemis was a product of a love affair between Zues and Leto, and Selena is famous for 'getting jiggy' with Endymion, the stunning shepard. These are just minute samples from a gamut of 'craziness' of what people would do for love.

On a more scientific and rational tone, the gravitational pull of the moon affects the tides and plant growth. The rising and falling of tides affect the way animals obtain food, especially birds in the coastline, and it also affects how humans catch fish and how they travel from one body of water to another. I forgot where I read about the effects of the moon on plant growth, but I'm guessing that it has something to do with the plant's intake of H2O. It probably affects the weather too (thats why Indians perform rain-dances and Bantu-speaking people of Africa have rituals for rainmaking dah!).

The effects of the moon is so prevailing it's no wonder why our culture 'moons over' songs about Rainy Days and Mondays : "The sacredness of the moon has been connected with the basic rhythms of life...govern[ing] all vital change[s]." Maybe serenading Cynthia, is a way for mankind to wane the apprehensions of the unknown and to deal with the changes in life. Maybe. I guess "it's just another manic Monday, [don't you just] "wish it was Sunday(The Bangles)?"

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July 15, 2004


Have anybody ever heard of The Ketchup Song? I haven't heard of the song per se, but I heard people talking about. You may asked, what would the song entitled 'The Ketchup Song' would be about? Well let me tell ya, it has nothing to do with Heinz, it's about this 'hot' person (I guess it's a metaphor---but it's really farfetched...I mean is this person so hot that one 'melts' like ketchup in the presence of the so-called 'hottie?')

My friends and family know that I put ketchup on everything: on top of my rice, mixed it with relish for a fish dip, on hotdogs, 'kelbasa', pizza (not really, but my cousins do) and milkshakes (j/k, although, that's not as weird as my cousins' latest concoction: Cheetah's Cheese Curls dipped in Starbuck's Vanilla Bean Frapuccino with Whipped Cream).

Anywayz, I wanted so badly to watch tv, but there weren't any good shows on, so I 'flipped' to 'WWYBE' channel 35 and watched the news (I'm not sure if it was Le Journal or something after it). I just heard "Blah, blah, blah, Ketchup...War...something wrong...with yours...blah, blah..."

I was attentive. In my mind, I thought that some scientist found something disturbing about ketchup, maybe it contained radioactive potassium sorbate; or maybe there's a pending supreme court decision that would prohibit ketchup because of the war. The commercial was finally over and the newscaster was back. Lo and behold, it was only about the president...sigh of relief, there's nothing wrong with ketchup...just imagine a ketchupless world...what would it be like?...the depravity, the depravity!!!!!!!!!!!

Basically, a Republican found out that everytime they used Heinz ketchup in their burgers, they were supporting the Democrats. Mrs. Kerry (wife of the democratic presidential candidate) is a widow of the former 'heir' of the Heinz Ketchup Empire, but she only receive 4% from the Heinz royalties. Outraged, the republicans decided to make their own ketchup named after President George W. Bush. They called it W. Ketchup or something like that. As John Stassle would say: "Give me a BREAK!" Just because one like Heinz, it doesn't mean that one's pro-democratic or not. Ketchup is ketchup for its ketchupness, whether one's preference is "W." or other '57 Varieties' of ketchup. One say to-ma-toe, another say to-ma-ta...to-mai-toe...toe-ma-tais...so-mi-re-do-so-do! They're all the same!

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July 14, 2004

Philosophical Mood

It was night time, and I was saying my prayers; and I started to think about life or something like it...

I was just wondering the ultimate human question: Why we are on earth, what's the point of life?

In ancient times, the Greeks observed nature to find out truths about their own humanity and hoped that in doing so, they would somehow unlocked the secret to some universal truth.

So I started thinking about the observable lives of animals since 'apes' are almost 98% (I think) similar to humans. I started thinking about a simplier version of an animal...the lion popped in my head...why did I think of a lion when I haven't seen one in the wild, I thought to myself; so I changed the image to squirrels since I see them around my neighborhood.

I thought about the squirrels. I see them gathering around food, running around, climbing trees, 'tip-toeing' on telephone cable lines, crossing the streets, lying dead on the street: roadkill, sniffing for food on the grass. They lived unquestioningly, and they go about their business. Neighborhood squirrels are so accustomed to humans that they know when to run away. They don't start quarrels with humans, and they just live.

It's a stretch but I'm trying to apply this to the lives of human, somehow (To my life anyway). I get up in the morning, brush my teeth, take a shower, get dress, eat, go to school, learn, study, do my homework, check emails, blog, walk to the bus stopped, sit on the bus, come home, eat, listen to music, sing, watch tv, talk to friends, hang with parents, talk to and about family, and if I'm lucky I get a moment to just think about the past, the present and the future, then I ask why?

Sounds pretty boring huh? but then again I wouldn't want to live in constant fear, or live an "adventurous life" where I'm thrown off a cliff so I can paraglide away from danger (You know the typical James Bond stuff). Yet the coinage "Life Happens" often tantamounts to life's that's deadly, miserable and painful. Why is this considered 'exciting?' Why can't we just plainly live, peacefully too? My head started to hurt, and my eye lids sank steadily like a sack of gold thrown in the river, finally I fell asleep.

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July 13, 2004


New York

Vesta heralding
The rising crystal towers
As "sky meets the sea..."

East, west, labyrinthe
Of vanishing points, at last,
Urb's oasis...sigh!

There was this girl who was bored:

"I come home in the morning light
my mother says when you gonna live your life right
oh mother dear we're not the fortunate ones..."

Her mother said:

"Fortune favors the brave...
The more we find, the more we see,
The more we come to learn
The more that we explore,
The more we shall return...
We seize the day
We turned the tide
We touched the stars
We mocked the grave
We moved into uncharted lands...
Nothing is an accident
We are free to have it all
We are what we want to be
It's in ourselves to rise or fall..."

The girl replied: "But mother, what am I supposed to do?"

"Oh girls just want to have fun..."

[Suddenly] the phone 'rang' in the middle of the night and [her] father yelled :

"What you gonna do with your life?!"

She said :

"Oh daddy dear you know you're still number one
but girls they want to have fun
Oh girls just want to have fun
that's all they really want
some fun
when the working day is done
girls- they want to have fun
oh girls just want to have fun"

Her parents were tired so they went to sleep. The girl went to her room. She was sad, she just found out two weeks and a day ago that her boyfriend was having an affair with someone else. She contemplated:

"Some boys take a beautiful girl
and hide her away from the rest of the world (sobbed)"

She went to the corner and started crying:

"It's been seven hours and fifteen days
Since u took your love away
I go out every night and sleep all day
Since u took your love away
Since u been gone I can do whatever I want
I can see whomever I choose
I can eat my dinner in a fancy restaurant
But nothing
I said nothing can take away these blues...
Nothing compares
nothing compares 2 U..."

Then she realized that she could fly away and leave all this to yesterday because she has confidence:

"I have confidence in sunshine,
I have confidence in rain,
I have confidence that spring will come again
Besides what you see I have confidence in meeeeee......."

She smiled : "You're right nothing compares 2 U EXCEPT maybe my dreams..."
She dreamt of voyaging in the South Seas and visiting Bora-Bora to study Tahitian music, dance and story-telling under the tutelage of the great Falsetto or maybe becoming an au pair in Paris helping little rich french kids read and learn basic English grammar. She got up from her bed, did a back flip and a high kick:

"Oh girls just want to have fun...
I want to be the one to walk in the sun
Oh girls they want to have fun
Oh girls just want to have
that's all they really want
Some fun
when the working day is done
girls-they want to have fun
oh girls just want to have fun
they want to have fun
I want to have fun"

She got up and left: "I'll seek my fortune in China!".

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July 9, 2004



Hair tossed carelessly
On the side, head cradled back
Dreamy eyes, Sss-mile!

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July 7, 2004

Verdant Visage of 'Verano"

Warmth of skin 'aglow'
Gentle kisses of Zephyr
Wisps of Dandies're sowned

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July 3, 2004

Another Haiku

Warm breezes, empty streets
Walking, blushing moon giggling
Wondering: "How Nice!"

French Version:

Warm breezes, empty streets
Walking, blushing moon giggling
Wonders: "C'est Sympa!"

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July 1, 2004

It ain't over until the fat lady sing...

Well here I am impersonating a fat lady: voice in falsetto mode, cheeks puffed, and a pillow-suit 'wrapped all around...

The "fat lady" sang, it's over, that is, my first summer session at Community College of Philadelphia is finally over. Today was the last day (Sigh of Relief--->A BIG Sigh). Overall it was a great experience. It was hell, but the results at the end were 'heavenly'.

I'm more optimistic now about what I want to do in the future (clearer idea).BIG NEWS EVERYONE: As of right now, I've dropped all my education courses. I decided not to continue on my Education major, when I get back on the Hill in August, I'll finalized everything. Thank you everybody who shared their own personal experience and wisdom. They were very helpful.

***Brief Outline of what's to come:Drawing I,what I learned, the class, comments, networking, and the teacher, French 101--->my progress...

In my Drawing I class, I drew 2 chairs, 2 tables, 4 boxes from 3-D model, 4 boxes from a worksheet, 2 cylinders in a 'box', 3 cylindrical objects, 3 shapely objects, 2 line compositions, 1 tonal chart, 1 tonal gradation chart, 1 simple tonal drawing, 3 complex tone drawings and 1 cube with a 'lying down' cylinder, and with all of these I used vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, "invisible rectangles", implied lines, different line weights, ellipses, converging and diverging lines, proportions, mini-studies, composition, negative and positive spaces, contour lines, tones, angles, the shiboleth of "Drawing what you see not what you know"foreground, middle-ground and background and atleast 84 hours of class instructions (this is not including hundreds of hours spent in homework and after-school) and more...---->I can say: "wow, I did all that and 'a bag of chips". I'm glad I took this class because now I have an idea of what a studio class is like. It also made me confident in drawing in a bigger paper (18 by 24). I remember how intimidated I was in sophomore year in high school when I had to draw on an 8 by 11 size paper.

This class was tough, especially when it was time to critique each other's work. I asked myself and others sometimes: "Where does one draw the line between 'work' and 'self'?" I've always thought that when one was so imbued in one's work, one had passion/ was passionate; and I wanted to be passionate. Being criticized takes a long time to get used to, and this class sort of helped me in a bit to separate myself from my work. The great thing was that it was constructive criticism. Still, it was annoying (even if the remark was true) when somebody would say: "Your angle is exaggerated, it's converging too soon or your box doesn't feel like it's sitting, it doesn't feel 'solid', or your ellipses are lopsided and flat..."; especially when you put in a lot of hours and your knuckles are gray with lead, your neck is stiff and tense and your eyes are misty from charcoal dust (insert playing the violin "Mozart's Symphonie 8 for the violin with string accompaniment). Two awesome things I will remember from these critiques: in my first complex tonal drawing, my teacher said that my composition with the drapings of the fabric 'flowing' in the foreground reminded him of a classical renaissance painting, and my third complex tonal drawing had the 'scratchy' quality similar to Cezanne (No matter what the context of these comments were supposed to be...I'll take and instill them in my mind as compliments).

As my teacher Terry Peterson said: "This class is like a reality tv show...Every week it got smaller and smaller." In the end, 11 out of atleast 25 survived, and I was one of them.. Cheerios!

I didn't get a chance to network, but this class gave me some idea of networking. My teacher's resume and background is pretty awesome. He had worked with the Running Press Publishing Company, and he told me about the Quirk Publishing Company (Both are conveniently located in Philadelphia). He had worked on those little books you see in Barnes and Nobles, 'catalogues' and magazines, journal books (like the lefty journal for left-handed people). I can't stressed enough about my experience.

As for my French Class 101, I think I hear more of the words than before. Prior to this. French to me sounded like the Chinese mixed with the Portuguese language, now I hear more of the words. I've been watching more French Cinemas ou dans le francais ('cedilla' on the c), le cinema (accent aigu over the e) francais (cedilla). I had a good experience that I decided to continue it in Summer Session II (I just hope my teacher doesn't have any problems with me leaving early for the Hill).

This is when the fat lady sings the highest note ever "Doe" in 8 octaves higher than the possible high, and after shattering all the glasses in the glass opera house, the red curtain falls.


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