October 31, 2004

The Village: Some thoughts on the movie

When I told people that I was going to watch The Village, they gave me that look of "Don't-watch-it-it's-definitely-not-what-you-expected-it-sucks" sort of look, you know how that look looked, eyes dilating like a white flower blossoming as if injected by some unknown narcotics that make your eyes travel backwards in your eye sockets in 80 seconds.

The next sentence I'm about to write will "ruin" the movie for you; so fellow reader, you've been warned (I'm sure you've heard from your neighbor's friend's sister's cat's vet's god-child's twin brother's dust bunnies' indoor closet monster's chia pet's manufacturer how "horrible" the movie was).

The reason: "It's not what you expected." So What!

I agree that the trailer was "way" misleading. The trailer gave us an impression that it was going to be a "scary" movie. It blatantly lied to us, what an affront to our intelligence. BUT, when was "Hollywood's effrontery" ever not apparent? It's Hollywood! The question you should ask is:"Was it an insult to our intelligence or a flattery to our capacity to think (and use our God-given brains)?

Yes, the movie is different. From the camera angle shots, and the philosphical message the director was conveying; it was different from the current movies out there. It wasn't just a cheap thrill that lasted in an hour and 45 minutes. It made you think "Why" while watching it and "why" afterwards.

The main theme of "The Village" was innocence. Dear reader, you must admit that there is something "scary" with being innocent. Being ignorant, not knowing what's on the other side or what's around the river bend, "paying a price and losing our chance of knowing, just to be safe." Innocence was shown in the way some of the scenes were shots and in the dialogue and actions performed by the characters.

The shots were not the conventional-3-million-dollar-picturesque type that you might think of coming from an academy award nominated director such as M Night Shyamalan. There were scenes that were shot with a raw quality you get from shooting from a camcorder. Don't get me wrong, this wasn't like the blair witch project. Even some of the transitions from one scene to the next were choppy. The angles: such scenes taken from the perspective of a doorway or a simple object such as a rocking chair straight in the center (almost a post modern in your face attitude) were crude and unrefined. Uncouth as all of these were; they succeeded in portraying the motif of childish innocence.

The actors characterized children's boldness, shyness, irrationality and "blind" faith fairly well. These attributes were personified in the characters Kitty(Judy Greer), Lucius (Joaquin Phoenix), Noah (Adrien Brody) and Ivy(Bryce Dallas Howard). Kitty showed her boldness by blurting out her lovey dovey feelings for Lucius. When she got rejected, she was bawling her eyes out. The way she "bawled" was so exaggerated that it was almost bad acting, but it was true to her character that she succeeded in rendering. Lucius stuttered; His lack of confidence was seen in his tacitness, lack of eye contact, and always down-cast head. Noah was the one who stabbed Lucius (probably because of his jealous feelings towards him and Ivy). Ivy was the synesthetic blind heroine. She was able to see through sounds. In spite of the predicament, she faced of secrets uncovered, her blind fate in her father's instructions on how to get the medicine saved the person she loved.

I admit that I wanted a nice conclusion. The ending in spite of its "niceness" was open-ended, but it was good enough for me: conclusive and definite. Plainly, growing up is very important. One cannot stay in never-never land forever. Progress is important, or else anything as beautiful as red flowers/berries can be misconceived as harbinger of a "beast." "Can you feel it there beyond those trees, or right behind those waterfalls?, Can you ignore that sound...[of] something that might be coming around the riverbend? Only one way to find out, go pass the riverbend and enter the woods, and leave "THE VILLAGE"!

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October 30, 2004

Lunar Eclipse

the shadows fell on her porcelein face
Cloaking the brightness of her grace
Veiled in tinted red, mourning her lost sight
Darkness slowly unmasking her Beauty
A halo of light orange, angel feathers from behind
Ready to take flight
Away from FULLNESS to something new

marbles, a little chilly, gloves etc. yellow, silver, reddish stars, eyes, w, pentagon, tri,

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October 23, 2004


From October 15th to October 21st, Emdee was on fall break.

Here's a detailed account of his adventure:

Fri. Oct 15-
Left Emerald City @ 10:43am
Arrived at Temple of Adel Phi @ 6pm
Watched Aladdin @ 9pm

Sat. Oct 16-
Went food shopping (fruits and snacks) @ 11am
Went to get hair cut @ 12pm
Chilled in "Starbucko" from 1pm to 5pm
Drank a tall Caramel 'Machiatto' latte
(Read some Art History)
Watched "A Cinderella Story" @ 10pm

Sun. Oct 17-
Went to Church with Phoenix @ 10:30am
Got dropped in Starbucko (Fr. 12pm to 6pm)
Drank a tall White Chocolate Mocha latte
Read most of American Literature readings
Met with friends @ 5ish
Ate dinner at Ruby's Dinner @ 6:45
Ordered one Aloha Burger (Yum!)
Got picked up by 8:30
Went next door @ 9:30
Watched Degrassi and Nip/Tuck @ 10pm

Mon. Oct 18-
Went to Borders Books and Music @ 10am
Bought a cd "Manhattan Transfer's Greatest Hits" ($10)
Went to 'Orthodontist' @ 11am
Met with a friend @ 1ish
Ate late lunch in Primavera Restaurant
(Awesome pizza)
Chilled in Starbucko until 5pm
Tried the new Pumpkin Spice 'Frappaccinno'
Went to Chile's for dinner w/ family @ 8:15pm
Ordered Baby Back Ribs and Dreamy Creamy Orange drink

Tue. Oct 19-
Stayed home until 2pm
Read more Art History
Went to Starbucko and read Amer. Lit
Chilled in Starbucko until 7pm with
a tall White Chocolate Mocha latte
Watched Gilmore Girls @ 8pm
Watched RealWorld @ 10pm

Wed. Oct 20-

Went to downtown @ 1pm
Bought a ticket back to the "Isle"
Walked to the Art Museum from the train station
Took a Splash Bus to the Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul
Walked to three different Starbucko in search of Nora Jones
Walked to Borders Books and Music in Broad Street
Bought Norah Jones' new cd
Sat by the window
Listened to new music
Watched life passed by while sipping a tall Caramel Machiatto latte
Met with friends @ 7ish
Walked to '11th and Walnut street'
Ate @ a Posh French cafe
Ordered a "soupe a'lignon" et "frislee salad"
Devoured sumptuous sweets (Chocolate mousse,
Caramel ice-cream puff, and 'Creme Brulee')
Got home @ 10:30ish
Packed suitcase

Thurs. Oct 21-
Woke up @ 8am
Went to INS office @ 10am
(Fingerprinting process)
Got back home @ 12pm
Dropped @ the station @ 1pm
Departed fro Adel Phi @ 2:25pm
Arrived @ the Emerald City @ 9:30pm

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