November 25, 2004

greyhound sucks!

What makes greyhound suck?

On Wednesday morning at 12:35 am, I was suppose to depart from Pittsburg. Of course, we didn't leave until 1:30 am. The reason why we're late was "it's a holiday!"
I don't have any problem with delays but the way greyhound treated this delay was disgraceful. The driver waited until we were seated inside the bus and finally he acknowledge the fact that we were 1 hour and 10 minutes behind schedule. Common courtesy would have made the announcement after it pass the actual departing time.
Greyhound, a big conglamarate, should be prepared for this situation. I'd expect more from them.
In spite of this rant, kudos to them for a safe trip and for getting us to our destination as soon as possible. I arrived in Colombus 45 minutes after the original time we were supposed to have arrived.

P.S. I still think that greyhound is cramp, that's why i like amtrak, they are very spacious!

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November 13, 2004

Carnegie International

Far, far away in Candyland;
Gilded-Purple Mountain shelters
one if so desired but one has
choices, just choose, open your eyes.

Today was an adventurous day. I went to the Carnegie International with the club SITA (Students in the Arts, or generally know as those who have interests in the Arts). It was also great to see some of the works I learned in my art classes.

I found it odd viewing "new art" or modern ones. I guess my concept of art is something that's dated in "antiquity". In spite of this "odd" feeling I found the art works in the Carnegie International intriguing and thought provoking. There were three works that I really liked. They were this japanese anime drawing by Chiho A--, this active/moving art (I forgot the title) and this "kuba"titled work.

The Anime drawing was very colorful. It was designed in Adobe. It was presented like one giant long billboard. The scene started in the right with a huge tsunami waves about to crush Tokyo. The waves was painted in those long ago japanese print style. It was simple, and economy of color and line was used. This simplicity heavily contrasted with the rest of the scene. The city of tokyo crumbles while Mt. Fugi explodes, and there's this giant goddess almost devouring the city (she's like the idealized, beautified Godzilla done in the french courtly style--she looks human not a lizard). Her hair was flaming, and the tokyo railways were getting tangled in it. Her eyes were lively, as matter of fact little people were coming out of it. Plainly, it's just awesome.

The other one is really modern. It's so modern it moves automatically. The main media that were used were sound and video recording. I found it very poetic. The instrumental song conveyed some sort of suspense. The music is like one of those music were you sort of wait for it to build up. But it never reaches its climax. There was a guy and a girl in the video. They're walking, and walking at night. You might ask: "when will they meet? or will they meet at all?" Who knows, I didn't stay long enough to find out.

The "kuba" titled work was a bunch of interviews from a group in Instanbul. Society would consider them as outcasts. The members were theives, prostitutes, poor people, homeless people and more. I sat and watched one of the interviews. This guy talked about birds. He liked them. He like them so much that he would steal them and sell them to make money. He mentioned how the birds could fly out of "kuba", but somehow, they would always come back. I found this interesting. I get this sense that this guy wanted to have the freedom to fly to and from anywhere, but also at the same time feel at "home" or at least have a home. The way the artist set this exhibit support my hypothesis. The shape is rectangular, very rigid. The tvs and chairs the artist used also depicted a sense of vagabond life where one has no choice but what's given/offered or whatever's thrown away to one's direction.

There are many other works, but these were the ones that are in my brains. These are not the only eventful things that happened today. I ordered my very first authentic STARBUCKS Caramel frappaccino in Pittsburg. I also entered the great Cathedral Tower of Learning. I learned to pump gas; it's so EASY! and I saw SHU theater present No. 11 (Blue and White).

It's a "super-calli-fragilistic-expi-alli-do-cious" day!

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November 2, 2004


green grass rippling across the hill
brown leave rolling up to me

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