January 30, 2005

1st week of Spring Semester

All my classes are awesome, tres cool, tres!

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January 19, 2005

New York

Cold, biting wind pushing
Persuading "Turn Around!"
He turns around and
glances parts of the Manhattan Skyline
Dark clouds outlined by the Sun
He yells "Yellow Taxi!"
"To the MET!"

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List 77

Employee of the Month
The Core
A day without a mexican
Analyze this
King Arthur
The Grudge (Ju-on)
A paradise under the stars
The flower of evil
Brigham City

Rita Dove "Testimonial"
Alice Walker "Even as I hold You"
Margaret Atwood "Siren Song"
Donald Justice "On an Anniversary"
Kenneth Fearing "Love, 20 cents the First Quarter Mile"

Gerard Manley Hopkins "The Windhover"
Emily Dickinson "The Wind Begun to Knead the Grass"
Percy Bysshe Shelley "Ode to the West Wind"
Sir Thomas Wyatt "They flee from Me"
W.H. Auden "The Wanderer"

Basho "Lightning in the clouds"
John Donne "A Valediction: Of Weeping"
Ezra Pound "In a station of the Metro and Alba"
Robert Graves "Counting the Beats"
Robert Frost "Provide, Provide"

Robert Frost "Once by the Pacific"
Stephen Crane "A man said to the Universe"
Sir Philip Sydney "With How Sad Steps, O Moon"
Edward Fitzgerald "LXXIV Ah moon"
Walt Whitman "When I heard the Learn'd Astronomer"
Leslie Marmon Silko "Prayer to the Pacific"

Jekyll and Hyde
A star is born
Beijing bicycle
"On the Road
The agony and the ecstasy
The dialogues of time and entropy

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January 14, 2005

Disney's On the Record

If you get a chance to see Disney's new musical "On the Record", I highly recommend that you see it, especially if you are a disney freak/afficionado. Even if you are not, just a plain fan of music , "On the Record" is a must-see musical!

The plot is simple: a day in a recording studio. Yup you guess it, the characters are recording classic disney songs in a new way. Through these songs, story of each character is revealed. This musical does not have much dialogues, but the cast effectively use body gestures and mannerisms to humanize their roles. The renditions of the songs are awesome. The cast took it to a "new level."

As for audience appeal, this show has it. The producers try to appeal to an older audience by "toning" /holding back the pageantry (which is quinessential to the "Disney Formula") in the costume design and the set. The characters wore mostly black, grays and white and some silver metalic tones (it almost look like a hybrid commercial for J-Crew and Armani Exchange clothing store). The set has the simplicity of modern day functional appliances, nothing like the courtly and flamboyant style of "French Baroque."

As for the kids, they will like anything, and the songs will surely mesmorized them. And, Ahh the glitters, they were shiny, and they were integrated strategically throughout the show.

The songs, which were Disney trademark that established the foundation of Disney kingdom, remain the focus of the show. The cast, crew, creator, etc succeeded by not over emphasizing on costume and set designs. Disney's "On the Record" is not ony for the "young at heart"; it is for everybody. A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, a spoonfull of 2 hour disney musical makes one not only dream but see the possibilities one can achieve. This is the bare necessitiy of life: living the life one has imagined (Thoreau).

On a Separate note, this week's Alias, was much better than last week, there was this corny line Sydney said but I liked it. It's so "cliched" but the way Jennifer Garner executed it, it's tres classique.

Here's a recap of the scene. The bad guy found out that Sydney was not who she "appeared". So he was beating her up and asking questions. He asked her for her real name. Sydney answered with a russian sounding accent "Imma." "Imma what?" He asked. She answered "I'm ma going to kick your a$#!" That wasn't the answer he was looking for so WHACK!!!!

She was also wearing a horrible wig, it looked like a long blonde mullet.

I don't know what kind of pyschology the writers are trying to apply, but it looks like Sydney is seeing first hand the manipulations she experienced being applied to her sister. What conflict do you think that would do to Sydney's character or how would her sister react when she finds out (even worse when she finds out that Sydney knew all along) Can you just imagine how betrayed her sister would feel?

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January 8, 2005

Weird dream 8

jumping frog rescued
balance beam, paint and plank
climbing through windows up through roof in attics ladders trying to get to the tallest buildng to jump for the thrill (not suicidal)
creative wrting

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January 6, 2005

Alias Season Premiere

Okay, so after a semester of waiting, a two hour Alias was premiered yesterday.

The beginning credits changed, which focused more on Sydney, the leading star.
It had a classic Alias beginning that started right away with action and went backwards to recap the story. I think Rick Yune and Angela Bassett were the guest stars that appeared.

Marshall was hilarious, and Sydney was okay.

I feel that the season premiere was not a bang. Especially since the producers/directors/etc. could have done more in two hours. The show felt like it was drawn out. Basically it was just an assemblying of the "new" non existant secret covert agency called "APO" working for the CIA. It slowly revealed agendas and possible story plots of the characters. The Premiere also somewhat recapped last season and tried to connect what was happening in the present to what happened last season.

The beginning was slow and I hope that the show gains momentum.

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weird dream 7

ship sinks I escaped
petrified little bunny in a bowl of cheese curls
swimming pools
dinner with family

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January 5, 2005

note V

Paraphrase of Boethius' Philosophy concerning freewill vs. predestination/God's omniscience

2 points
1. "capacity of knower to know" ( we as humans are active, we do things, we have "moral responsibility)
2. "God's capacity to know with man's" ...


Providence- "the simple unchanging plan in the mind of God
+Fate- the ever changing distribution in and through time of all the events God has planned in his simplicity
=mutable fate that governs and revolves all things and God as the center and still point of the turning world"

I don't Get evil? Boethius naive?

I started reading Boethius' Consolation of Philosophy

here's a summary so far

Boethius is immured. He is visited by his female muse "Philosophy". She tells him to be strong and that in order for him to get better is to tell her what happened. He recaps how he was imprisoned...As he recaps, he remembers the his true nature: he is a rational and mortal man. Thus the world's governed by divine reason not by haphazard chance (Fortune does not favor the brave. She favors no one).

Fortune is incosistent. She's the goddess of randomnisity. "Her very mutability gives one a chance to hope for better (or to despair)."

According to Philosophy, Boethius is lamenting the shadows of happiness not because of losing Real happiness. Happiness is the one goal men aspire to reach (this may be traveled to through different paths). "Happiness is a state made perfect by the precense of everything that is good. Through riches, position, estates glory and pleasures, men will reach self-sufficiency respect, power celebrity and happiness." Happiness is not any of these individually but they are all the same just synonyms for Happiness. They are all united, since God is happiness, in God there's unity and this unity is divine, which makes man divine when he's happily united with God. God is the ultimate good, and man in his nature seeks the good, therefore he seeks God. God is the one that unites everything (making the incongruous coalesced). Unity is good.

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January 4, 2005

What's in Mexico? (Book Teasers)

I recently finished two books. Both from different genres and are published in different times: On the Road by Jack Kerouac in 1955 and Life of Pi by Yann Martel in 2001. What I am about to do is nothing new, perhaps an offense or a criminal act against the Literary Police but I'm bored so I guess I'll just have to bend the literary law in my favor. I'm going to associate the two novels together.

The idea is not as farfetched as one may think. Both protagonists end up in Mexico, but how and why (this is up to the audience to find out so read!)

I was sort of lost while I was reading "On the Road". I felt that the author failed to connect, his transitions were not smooth. Keruoac did not build up to the climax, and his novel is fragmentary. In spite of these minor complaints of mine, Kerouac succeeded in conveying his point. His aptly titled and scattered prose depicted well the disillusioned life of post-WWII generation of the Beats, and the Beats' "aimless" wandering in search of "IT". What is this IT? Perhaps a search for life's meaning or Truth...maybe.

"Life of Pi" is very funny. The protagonist Piscine Patel is in a very dire situation. In his predicament, he fights off hopelessness with sarcasm and humour. This is more contemporary in the style of writing, and the story "flows" better. In the end, Piscine finds TRUTH.

Both protagonists traverse thousands of miles to undergo some sort of transformation or "something". For Sal Paradise's friend Dean Moriarty (On the Road), he went across the country from New York to California and back several times, married two women from each coast, and had children; yet he continued to move, and never actually settled down. He got to Mexico to obtain a divorce in the hopes of establishing a foundation. Piscine's world turned topsy turvy when everything he knew about life was destroyed. He drifted across the Pacific Ocean for 227 days to land in Mexico where he began to "reconstruct" his new world.

So why Mexico? Maybe it was the water. Maybe "Cortez" found the fountain of youth there after all. Maybe it was a Metaphor...maybe.

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January 2, 2005

What what

moon jutting in the clear sky
city's lights not enough to block Orion's belt

Moon hanging like a sagging shirt tail behind a person's back

His wizened face squints in jealousy at the youth, then he smirks at the thought of what the youth lacks: experience. Time is relative.

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January 1, 2005

Character sketch

50 years old, FOB, lived all his life in an island off the coast of the Amazons
Now lives in Camelotville U.S.A, he stares out of the window through dusty blinds from his carpeted room, he returns to his mini glass table and continues to play Solitaire, he hopes to find a JOB...

he sits there eating his Lumpia, he takes a bite off it, the Mang Thomas sauce melts in his mouth, he tastes the sweetened and honeyed vinegar, he hears Stevenson's whispered voice recapitulating a questionable past. Stevenson suddenly gets up and reenacts a story with his squirming face, one of his arm is straight in a shooting position and his whole body slowly backs to the corner. Stevenson's story ends, he laughs and sits right back on his chair. Stevenson's audience munches his Lumpia.

Johanssen (J/K)

Velma and Corinthian
Rudy and Roselin
The Manhattan Maids

So what are you studying again?
Creative writing...it's like English, just with an emphasis on writing.
So you want to be a writer?
Well...um...I would like to work in this field.
I thought you were going to be a doctor.
Um...I don't really like science that much.

What is this concept of cold you speak of?

40 year something rebelling because everything is given to him, don't know the hardships, takes advantage of position, starts picking up vices such as drinking and gambling (poker, horse racing, lottery)... other people's advice, just thin air passing through one ear to another... sometimes lacks diplomacy/tact...

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