February 25, 2005


Ironic how the impressionists deal with the fleeting ephemereality of the moment just so they expose the "surface."

"Looking at the stars always makes me dream...why shouldn't the shining dots of the sky be...accessible...just as we take the train to get to Tarascon...we take death to reach a star."
~Vincent Van Gogh

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February 20, 2005


out of the glass window i stare,
a curtain of gray clouds veil the spectacle of the sun

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February 19, 2005

Calling all SHU artists out there

what's the dealio? I know it's winter but why are guys hibernating? Yesterday, Friday February 18 was the deadline for Eye Contact's Consequences.

I found out that we only had ten art submissions, TEN! I was quite disappointed considering that SHU is a liberal arts university and has a strong Art curriculum and foundation.

Don't make excuses about not knowing about it. I placed three large and popping posters (which are very unique and unconventional in comparison to the regular 8 by 11.5" flyers) in strategic places (the post office, 2nd Maura "Solarium" and ground level Lynch) where people often pass or congregate atleast once in a day. In the past, you've seen posters, people have "pestered" you about donations (thank you very much for your donations, we're always grateful for them!), some of your art teachers have made announcements, and Eye Contacts representatives have visited your classrooms.

There have been advertisements in The Setonian and The Communicator. Word of mouth is also prevalent.

I'm pro "subjective" art, art for personal use, art to express oneself etc. Don't feel that having a theme such as "consequences" is in any way restrictive or belittling your artistic style/ inclination. Just remember some of the great artists in the past, such as Michelangelo (Pope Julius pushed him to make the best art for his personal collection and in doing so Michelangelo strived to do his personal best and he did as he matured as an artist). Having "commissions" was the way artists thrived in their craft, and it was how they gained experience. It was how they learned. In a positive way think of Eye Contact as "commissioning" you to do an art work that deals with "consequences."

I urged you to submit artworks you'd be proud of, and most likely it''ll have a "consequential" theme. What are you afraid of? Consequences may favor you and your artwork, next thing you know you may be published. Other consequences may be a rejection letter. So what, the rejection letter is objective, it doesn't say anything personal, however it only states that the artwork was irrelevant to the theme.

Consequences. I just hope SHU artists respond to their calling of being artists, making art and sharing it for others' edification, enlightenment, and salvation. Save us from the enniu of a world lacking art!

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Mamma mia exercise

protagonist = sophie, mid twenties, about to get married
dramatic premise=self discovery by inquring about past
Need= wants to find out father
point of attack-= sending letter
objects= money, dream fulfilment
setting= island in the aegean sea
characters=mother, mother's friends, father(s)
major dramatic question=will find her biological father to feel complete
complications= Donna not sure, trying nit to be vulnerable, pride, Donna not knowing
event=sophie's wedding

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February 18, 2005

p.c complaint

yeah I finally got my internet working, and it only took a spyware remover-picker-upper from a friend to do, my qualm: how come the IT department wasn't able to do this?

Initially I called them for help, (the first time I asked them for help, they were very helpful, and they actually solved my problem, that's why I came to them the second time because I trusted them). They told me that I had to go to the helpdesk website to file a complaint. I told them that my internet wasn't working so I asked if they could file it for me since I was in their office anyway and their computer was working. They said that I should borrow a neighbor's p.c or go to a comp. lab. instead. At that point I started to be doubtful. I am one of those people, who needed visuals to communicate the problem so for me to try to articulate my p.c. problem was difficult.

I went to the lab and filed a complaint. I was skeptical. I thought I would hear from them in April, to my surprise, a guy working for the IT called the next day, and he gave me instructions to try to fix my problem. I went to the Library to borrow a cd rom program called Residence Hall utilities (or something in this title). My computer wasn't reading it. I thought that maybe whatever virus or problem my computer have somehow malfunctioned my cd-rom drive, and in my thoughts "maybe I deleted my cd-rom drive accidentally." My friends reassured me that I didn't delete an internal device and that only programs and such were deletable.

I went to the library and picked up another cd, just in case the cd wasn't working right. The other cd was just as useless. There wasn't anything wrong with my cdrom drive because I was able to play dvds and other cds in it. I called the guy again. I asked if I could get his extension and where his office was on Campus because I wanted for him to actually see my p.c and "diagnose" it, he said he couldn't because he was in PITTSBURGH! He asked me if my pc have warranty because they might have to replace something in it.

Finally one of the IT representatives came to my room to check out my p.c. problem (***Note: Personal interaction is crucial in business). After fifteen minutes, my computer was diagnosed with a "crashing browser" that's why I couldn't open an internet window. I was connected to the network, the problem was that I couldn't open an internet browser. I asked if the virus or whatever could have done this to my computer, he said there was a possibility. He recommended sending my computer to get it fix. Resigned, I unplugged my internet connection.

I wasn't going to send my computer right away because I was going to use the other programs in it (Word, dvd player, music burner, etc). Then just yesterday, my friends who were also having problems with their computer were chatting about their computers finally being fixed. My curiosity was "tickled" about this miraculous p.c. elixer. I borrowed the program, intalled it last night, and got connected to the Internet this early morning.

I'm hypothesizing, maybe the other cd's didn't work earlier because I was still plugged to the internet. If this were the case, why didn't the people who specialized in this field failed to consider this option?

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last vision before I woke up

I was looking up at the sky, the moon was the size of my thumb, and a yellowish star to its right was brighter and overpowering the moon. The star seemed to grow.

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February 8, 2005

Life recharger

from an experiment conducted recently, test results show that sunshine, blue sky and a hero medal can recharge a downtrodden soul and revive the spirit.

"It takes little time to entertain a hope and an insight which becomes the light of our light... "-

(Experience, Ralph Waldo Emerson)

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