April 23, 2005

H2O Kills! Irony, dum,dum, dum...

It was a Saturday morning, and I'm working in the library, and I came upon an article about water...it stated that a "28 years old woman collapsed and died [because of]too much water..."

"Isn't it ironic, don't you think?" (Alanis Morissette) that water, which is so essential to life, can also take away life...

I was reading the April 25, 2005 issue of the Times with a picture of Ann Coulter in the front cover. I was perusing the magazine when I came upon the headline "Too Much H2O", all the while, I'm sipping some water in my personal water bottle. Michael D. Lemonick wrote that drinking water was bad for athletes and runners because "too much water dilutes the blood's normal salt content, producing a condition known as hyponatremia."

What happens in hyponatremia is that a build up of fluids occur in the bloodstream. This build up is sucked/taken in by cells, including brain cells, which swells up and causes pressure to grow inside the skull, thus leading to permanent damage or death.

No caffeine for me. I remember drinking five quantities of 592mL of water in high school one night while I tried to write a government essay. I think I saw it in the Simpsons that Bart tried this to stay awake. I don't remember finishing my paper but I didn't feel energetic at all. Maybe it was the lack of salt in my body. This was high school, and now in college, I recently resume the habit of drinking water, moderately of course!

Caveat to all water drinkers and lovers: "Too much H2O can kill you!"
For more tips read the article in Time magazine.

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April 15, 2005

leadership workshop

we are all part of a salad...

the good thing about diversity is that each one of us beautifully "blossoms" before each other's eyes, if we are all the same, it'll be like talking to ourselves, it'll be like looking the same and not really recognizing and appreciating each other's "uniqueness."

so everyday I'm going to wake up every morning looking forward to being "uncomfortable" and awkward...maybe I'll be a tomato tomorrow or string beans on Sunday...

to add to my uncomfortableness, I'm not going to expect Quirks to email/contact me any time soon (they said they were going to call in April, it's almost in the middle of the month, I'm going to call them in the last week of April so that way I didn't act too hastily).

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April 10, 2005

There's no clear path...

Everybody, go and see Nora Thompson's art show in Harlan Gallery, I think it's only in the gallery for a couple of days until it's over (April 14 or April 16)....

this blog is not an art review of Nora Thompson's show, but it's related to Art...

...in the art job career fair I went to last Wednesday, April 6, i learned that if one wanted to get involved/worked in the creative "fields", one did not have a clear, worked-out, straight path to follow like doctors or teachers...

right away in my mind, Disney's Pocohantas sings "What's around the riverbend...to be safe we lose our chance of ever knowing..."

of course, the same things I've heard and read about since sophomore year in high school were reitirated by the speakers: "Perseverance, luck, preparation, patience...and work, work, work....learning to love what you do...etc., etc., etc., look out for oppurtunities (which may come from unexpected connections), networking, the positive attitude , education doesn't stop once you get your diploma, you're always learning, don't be afraid to teach yourself new things, ask questions..."

I've been doing all of these advices and more, so Luck if you're listening and wanting to take a chance on me, pray that I get hired...so if any publishers, Disney film company, cool creative companies out there who are looking for a reliable, humorous, proficient and creative intern or prospective employee, I'm the one you've been searching for all along...

...did I say I humorous, not really, but funny, yeah!

Xie xie ni, thank you, have a nice day!

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April 8, 2005

The Grudge

From the perspective of Chauvunistic Criticism (Chauvinistic Critique)

"The grudge," the movie is a social commentary of woman's irrationality in holding on to grudges. Because of this stubborness inherent in woman's genes, nothing not even death can take away woman's grudge on another human being, even they hold grudges with their woman peers.. .Several consequences of this grudge are evident in society today...friendships become dispensible, bystanders caught in the middle are persecuted with the same grudge...why hold on to this...scientist are even baffled by this "phenomena" of paradoxity of having an advantage intellectually in comparison with the opposite sex yet they seem inferior to their emotions thus allowing themselves to be subjugated by their own irrationality...another incongruity is seen in the way they whined while expectin to have equal rights, john "stamos" would say "give me a break". IN Conclusion, the irrationality exhibited by women is not really so far-fetched, it's natural, it's in their nature to hold onto grudges...

disclaimer: this is a creative writing exercise so please don't hold any "grudges" on the writer, thank you!

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Impressionism, post-impressionism and fauvism redeemed my personal art style...

for now these are the three main movements that occurred in Art history that are my inspiration for making art...

in my art, impressionism's credo of capturing the moment using color to suggest space and emotion left an "impression" on me...in my art I don't want to capture renaissance naturalism because

a. I don't have the training so it's a lot of challenge, i won't be able to draw it
b. right now I don't have the dedication to draw figures for five hours a day
c. i like using words to decribe and give "body" to my art

Post-impression is just pushing impressionism a notch higher. I really like Gaugin's and Van Gogh's subjectivity and their bold use of colors...like impressionism, 2-dimensionality is stressed (it seemed that I have a propensity to study the surface of things)...I also have a weakness in rendering 3-dimensionality ( in spite of this, I still like architecture....)

Fauvism-- I didn't about this until today, its greatest master is henri matisse-- he's another inspirational person on my list-- he was positive and he started his art career in his mid thirties (this aspect is really cool, because today, society most likely value and pay attention to "artists" who achieved so many things in their young age-- I haven't even graduated from grade school, and there's already people out there who are really advance--- i don't have anything against them, the media hype is just annoying and discouraging)

--talking about flatness and 2-D-ness, Matisse experimented with using paper as medium in his composition (paper on paper--- pushing paper collage to fine arts status)

----2-dimensionality (the surface exposing superficiality), subjectivity (personal experience, one you most likely know about so one can get a chance to explore out of the "box" and be confident) and colors ( to make abstract emotions almost "tangible" by sight, convey something hard to put in words).


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April 7, 2005


I'm just lucky....

I'm fortunate to know early in my college career that English is the major that's right for me...the reason why i like it because it's so well rounded and it gives you so much options when it comes to picking a career in the future....also it give you so much space to pick several minors that overlap with each other or another major that is competely different from English...everythings just takes a bit of planning and preparation...most people assume that English majors will automatically become teachers....most people don't know that there are options out there...most people are lazy and they're afraid to think out of the box because they want to be comfortable or they don't do their research because they're too lazy...while others assume that english majors are just pie-in-the-sky thinkers, and all they do is write or talk about literature or write about talking literature...some people jump to conclusions that they don't like english because it's boring and they have the audicity to say it in your face but while others defend their propensity for english, the other party will say "that's you" (really?) but if others insult their major, they think you're crazy or something...some people will ask me, what can you do with a degree in english...prior to actually exploring and researching my field, I answered "i'll become a teacher" now I boldly say work in a publishing company, publish and illustrate my children's book (prospective caldecott winner), work for Disney, work for the newspaper, for an advertising company, become a tutor, be a lawyer, a lyricist, a playwright and tons more...when people are miserable, they like to see other people miserable with them, when they're hopeless, they want to make others hopeless, ..if they suck, they want others to be as sucky as them...i'm going to be realistic and not be like one of those depressed danny's or suicidal sally's,...life is what you make of it...so you can be miserable or happy even if it is so-called "predestined"........you make it...just like all the man made problems out there are artificial os is your state of mind even if God "programmed you" you push the buttons...i'm going to be happy and make the most of my time on earth and if people abhor this, too bad, live your own life, don't control mine!*

*This is just an exercise of ranting so no one should take offense to this, thank you, please don't forget to purchase a kwiupee doll!

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April 3, 2005

This is the song...

This is the song the doesn't end
yes it goes on and on my friend
some people started singing it not knowing what it was
and they continue singing it forever just because

This is the song...(repeat infinitely)

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April 2, 2005


I wander what it would be like to work in Disney...

of course not as one of the character mascot in the theme parks but as one of those working on a new animated feature film as a writer or concept designer or researcher or something adventurous and creative...

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There was a bear...

during the ripe summer season, the bear woke up every morning and greeted the sun with a grizzly smile. He was so devouted that the sun warmed him up and inspired him to go. The bear went out in the world and confidently collected luscious berries. After this the bear would cool himself near the gushing stream-like river. If he were lucky he would catch pretty pink salmons leaping upstream.

Winter came, everything just disappeared. Intermittent showers that cooled the baked ground were gone. Southern breezes that carried lavendar scent, which colored the atmosphere, had stopped. Golden California seemed "farther" away than usual. Ashes from the hearth remained beneath burning logs.

Was it the sun that retreated farther up the galaxy or the earth that had spun off to another galaxy? It seemed as if the sun never shone at all. Thus, the bear hibernated. He retreated to his dark cave and slept...

Bonnie Raitt - Will the Sun Ever Shine Again Music by Alan Menken Lyrics by Glenn Slater

Rain is pourin' down like the
heavens are hurtin'.
Seems like it's been dark since
the devil knows when.
How do you go on, never knowin'
for certain,
Will the sun ever shine again?

Fells like it's been years since
it started to thunder.
Clouds are campin' out in the valley
and glen.
How do you go on, when you can't help
but wonder.
Will the sun ever shine again?

What if the rain keeps fallin'?
What if the sky stays gray?
What if the wind keeps squallin',
And never go away?

Maybe the soon the storm will be
tired of blowin'.
Maybe soon it all will be over, amen.
How do you go on, if there's no way
of knowin'?
Will the sun ever shine?
Wish I could say.
Send me a sign-
One little ray.
Lord, if you're list'nin', how long
until then?
Will the sun ever shine again?

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April 1, 2005

matrix iii

this movie doesn't suck...

for a long time now, I wanted to see this movie, and over the easter break, I finally did. While I was waiting, I've heard bad reviews about this movie. I saw it and it was perfectly fine...of course it' wasn't going to be the first because , it's part 3 of a trilogy, the story had to go on...I did like the philosophy that was mentioned-- about human concepts, and the nuances of language....the most important thing that was emphasized was relationship/interconnection...and my favorite: Choice. Neo kept fighting not only just to live (or to love etc, etc.) but because he chose to. Thus personally I choose to aim to win a Caldecott Award in my career. Wish me luck!

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