August 28, 2005

a missed oppurtunity

who could blame the callowness of freshies? Of course the freshies themselves........

Yesterday, Saturday, August 27, there was a Variety Show in Cecillian Hall made for the freshies...of course only a handful of freshies were actually there nonetheless there was a good crowd that consisted of wise upperclass students and faculty and staff members.

The RA skits were hilarious and some of Seton Hill University's (SHU) talents in music (Piano playing by Justin, Carmen, singing from John, Latoya, Jamie and the awesome tap-dancing by yours truly Moi and many more) were showcased. The fabulous and outrageous Cellar Dwellars also performed.

What I liked about this Variety Show was that it encompassed SHU in a Nutshell. The skits parodied life on the hill (the faculty, Residence Life, RAs, Nurse (tampon, tynenol etc) the Popos, issues such as co-habitation, the stereotypes, the popularity of football, the inadequency of the system etc. etc.).

The Variety Show showed that there were more to SHU than the recently popular program of football or other recently added sports. Don't get me wrong, I like sports but a balance should be maintained. Although this and other sports program are overshadowing the other programs here at SHU, I believe that SHU is harboring some of the futures shining gemstones/treasure filled with artistry and talent in all aspects of the Arts and Science.

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August 23, 2005

blue collar job

so today I got a taste of a more realistic blue-collar job...the mascots and the cheerleaders went to IdleWild and worked as volunteers to fundraise...

Ideally I would have like to worked in merchandising like the gift shop...but I ended up in the food section...

my first job was cleaning the was pretty easy...all i did was to squirt some cleaning agent mixed with water on top of table surfaces and wiped the dirt first i thought i was going to go my mind I thought how can i possibly do this for four hours?...

i became somewhat obsessed...i should have been promoted employee of the day...i became adamant at cleaning the soon as the "guests" left their table...their disposed trash and crumbs were at my mercy and believe me I didn't show any mercy to those trigger fingers were quicker than the germs...they didn't even had the time to bother the guests.

Time did fly of the benefits with cleaning the tables was being mobile. I wasn't stuck in a games booth or a souvenir shop. As soon as my job was done, I was free to roam around...I didn't get that far but I was still free.

luckily I didn't encounter any rude possible demeaning comment I received was from a lady who saw me wiping ketchup from the condiments area where she said to me: "You must be used to this."

i didn't mind doing this kind of job for two days to raise money but I couldn't imagine myself doing this type of work for the rest of my life... I decided to cheer up and tried to turn my work into some kind of meditation...sort of like the kid in "karate kid" wax on wax off...same principal wipe on wipe off...

i think my assistant manager thought that I was having way too much fun cleaning the tables so she pulled me in and told me that the kitchen needed a runner*. A runner, I could do that, as a matter of fact I did cross country in high school (j/K). With so limited space in the kitchen, one can't possible go in circles for 3.1 miles but I did get a chance to utilize my legs and arms getting the fries and the extra cheese...

I left at 4, four hours earlier than the rest of the squad because I had an OA meeting to attend. it was an okay experience, very interesting...

*someone who puts the orders together (organizes it for example getting the drinks fries etc, not necessarily making the order)

Day 2

the second day wasn't that bad...although in the middle of the day, time slowed down for me...the people I worked with were friendly. They all thought I was 16 or 17 and was still in highschool. They were surprised to find out that I was the end of the day, I got a free corn-dog, idlewild hats and name-tag, and a baby kermit for a dollar (with help from a persuasive team member)....the weird part was we were all able to work together as if I knew them (even though 99% of the people I worked with already knew each other and worked before together)...

out of the hours I've worked in the sandwich factory...only two customers complained and started to make a scene...the first was a mother who was just tired and had a pretty long day... she was very stressed and when my co-workers got the order wrong she started b*tch!ng like everything in her life was just messed up (just because my co-worker had put cheese in her sandwich-- she didn't need to freak like that)

the other incident was with guy who freaked out because he couldn't find napkins...we told him that they were on the side of the building and he couldn't find them so he returned complaining how he spent 40 minutes in line (not really, more like 15 minutes) and he couldn't even get co-worker pointed out that there were napkins he just didn't see them ...boy, was he salty!

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August 15, 2005

Preview: Behind the Masque-cot

if you didn't know already, i'm going to be the Griffin this year along with Stephanie...i've always wanted to be a mascot, plus i get behind the scene of 'cheer' literally i'm going 'under-cover'...this fall for the Setonian (campus newspaper)...

i'm going to propose to Ann, our chief editor if I could write something that would deal with being a mascot- it would be a mix of humor, mascot "secrets" and a little bit like a sports news story (but not totally).

today was our first day in 'cheer' camp...the experience was more like hell rather than a cheery rendezvous with dancing gymnists. It started at 9 am and it ended at 5pm (we had plenty of water breaks in between before and after our big lunch break at 1).

first we learned some cheer terminology like 'high' V and its mirror opposite 'low' V, there's the "T" and the "broken T" and many more...aside from the alphabet, I learned the difference between a clap and a clasp...

This was followed with chants, a little bit of choreography and jumps (toe touch which is a misnomer, the hurdles not the 'herkie' and the 'pike' jump, don't mistake these for new types of margarita).

a giddy and ebulient cheer squad wouldn't be the same without team bonding - introduction, mini-games (squirrels and nuts) and untying human knots.

Then came the time for dangerous stunts like basket case toss and lifts, base (front and back and main) and flyers were all aware of the situation of accidents. Lucky for us mascots, we didn't have to worry about stunts.

Before the finally, we did push ups, isometric movements with the upper shoulders and maybe biceps, some ab workouts and lunges.

for the finally, we learned a dance choreography (tons of 8 beat counts- really fast) to a hyper dance remix of Gwen Stefani's "Holla back Girl"...we set personal and team goals and called it a day...

What i originally thought of as a three hour morning camp turned into a day of sweating under heat-cumulating cumulus clouds...I definitely did my workout for today...tomorrow's another day...


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Life: Summer ending...

Well I'm blogging...that could either mean that I'm at a library during the "sweltering" last weeks of August or I'm back in my dorm in Canevin located at SHU, Greensburg, PA, suffice it to say, the latter is more true than the first...this summer was different in a way that it was weird and good...

my summer kicked off with summer classes at CCP with Basic Photo 101 and Drawing II. In both classes the people (students and teachers) were interesting and fun to be with. In Photo 101, I learned many photo techniques and basic black and white photo facts. Jon Spielberg, my teacher, was funny. In Drawing II, the main thing I learned were about proportions and perspective. Towards the end of the semester, my class started focusing more on concepts/ideas with technique.

Intermittent with theses classes, I went swimming, and my family had a barbeque. I went around the city a lot to take pictures for my photography class.

by the end of summer classes, I officially became a citizen of the United States of America. Of course I didn't feel any different ( I must have been "assimilated"...I guessed)

after 7 weeks of academics, i visited my cousins in Greenwich, CT. In there, I played videogames 24/7. I ate ice-cream (plenty of 'haagen daaz'-- think caramel dazzler, tira mi su, caramel cone!). I learned the basics of basketball. I read a ton of asian folktales and some eccentric highschool literature for example, Hesse's Siddartha, Albert Camus' The stranger and Jules Verne's Paris in the Twentieth century. my enthusiasm for dance music and dance have been revived with hits like Missy Eliot's Lose Control, Black-eyed peas Don't phunk with my heart and others and with tv shows such as Dancing with the Stars and American Idol-esque's So you think you can dance. We watched plenty of movies...White Chicks by the "Wayan" brothers was hilarious and a top hit with us..."a thousand just said the N-word, so nobody's around" :) [laughs].

my cousins and I also visited New York's Museum of Modern Art. We went on Friday, so we were able to go for free. The highlight of that trip was seeing Van Gogh's Starry starry night. Everything else were extra treats and bonus such as Picasso's Les mademoisalles d'Avignon, Brancusi's sculpture Bird in Flight and many more. My cousin made a crack about the really modern art for example Kelly's Red, green and blue, oil on canvas. Her antics were amusing.

My relatives dropped me off to Phila and this was the beginning for the end of summer...this summer, i wasn't accustomed to a "routine" routine per say. I met up with old friends and some new ones. Life went on, a friend of the family's mother died, new relatives were introduced, stories of giving birth told by mothers to first time pregnant mother-to-be gave detailed (too much) hilarity of pain, and some mocking-truth reality. All of these were my summer memory of 2005.

I'm excited about school because I will be occupied with something that would deal with my "dreams." I'm sure I wouldn't be thrilled with the research papers. I can't wait to see my favorite SHU friends, faculty and staff.

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