February 28, 2007


I have a question and everybody please answer it or give me feedback! Thanks, gracias, merci, etc.

Do you think it's okay to quit?
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February 23, 2007

5/15 (preparing for mid-term)

so Monday was a bit frustrating with watercolors, I got to the point where enough is enough, no more reading about watercolor, just do it, and I got feed back from my prof, some stuff that I'll be working on this weekend

finished phonathon!- on tuesday I change the tone of my voice, and I received a better more receptive audience/listener
wednesday- write aid-- it wasn't as jam pack as last semester
just getting ready for mid term week, lots of study guides to do and studying to do
thursday ER was a bit slow (according to my friend, ER being juxtaposed with Grey's Anatomy is not a good combination, ER is being overshadowed--- walking outside, wind blowing, snow being blwn across white surface, like fog crawling in

today friday- went to Greensburg Room to sell chances, I got a better response, they say at 12 is the busy hours, so later I'll go to "Everyman" watch the show and sell,

tomorrow watercolor and dance.... and study guides and studying!!! :)

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February 22, 2007

Dispensability of Seniors

"Nobody needs seniors anymore because they're graduating in May so why even bother training them or dealing with them, their time is over..."


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February 18, 2007

4/15 (days off)

this week was somewhat exciting

on monday, meeting,

on tuesday class got cancelled at noon,

and wednesday no classes all day and no work,-- it was nice to have a day off, at first I didn't know what to do, my regular schedule had been wiped out by the snow, I didn't want to not do something- so I read ahead...

thursday the newspaper came out (after all the travails), photo-shoot of everyman, i did phonathon (new thing I learned is the challenge proposed by the mellon foundation, then there's multi-year pledge,

friday went to voice and dance-, spent 10 dollars in book sale hosted by education club, deadline of eye contact

saturady - no casino royale movie,

this sunday i finally finish my first water color sketch for my project- it's not the bestest, but it's done, after I get the critique, I'll most likely redo it like seven more times, it's just nice, it's like having your first draft done-- it was a funny process, there were times when I made the wrong shape, rather than starting all over again I just pushed through, when I got frustrated I'll draw a zigzag here and a dash there and somehow, these expressive marks fix the error somehow (or maybe I'm trying to convince myself too much)--- i'll be adding details with my pen later...

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February 14, 2007

one of the craziest production

The first production of the Setonian for this semester was pretty crazy.

Artlcles and reporters dropping off like flies. Macs not cooperating (files not exporting). New programs to learn, pictures to take (especially at night times). Late ads (unanswered). Socialite Divas. A fire alarm in the middle of production. The usual.

Creating headlines and captions were hilarious. Singing...

It was memorable (especially for the new Editor in Chief Val or "vaam") In spite of the craziness, everybody did a great job and everybody pulled it together as a team.

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February 13, 2007

3/15 (Watercolor)

I was going to do something different this week, but I just ran out of time.

The daily to daily account was somewhat rigid, and last week I was going to try just blogging daily instead of waiting until the end of the week. This didn't happen because when I had free time, I wanted to go to my room (no internet) and just chill.

Lots of things happened last week (can't remember them). The thing I remember is liking watercoloring a lot. It's frustrating but it's an awesome medium.

You have to do things really quickly before the water evaporates. At the same time, you have to be precise because you can easily make mistakes, which are sometimes beautiful (planned accidents/ serendipity) or mucky.

The advises I got were- save the whites for your highlights, loosen up your brush work (don't get too heavy).

The color follows the path of water your brush made, it swirls, and spread (capilary action), it settles on the edge of the invisible brush marks, or sinks to the paper (gets absorbed). When you try to mix colors together, they meet each other, sometimes mixing or just exchanging and invading each other's space, when you drop a color on a freshly glazed paper, it explodes like fireworks, it blooms like flowers...it's really pretty-- sometimes it shows if your at peace or not (patient or disturbed)... the color on the paper reveals it like a crystal ball, like a litmus test...

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February 4, 2007


This is the first full week of school (even though it's the second week). I considered it full because this week, I began my work study hours. Everyday this week felt like the "next day." (to clarify, when it was Tuesday, I thought it was Wednesday. Whenver I did this, I'd had a little panic thinking that I missed a class and fearing not remembering what I did). On Thursday I thought it was Friday, and I saw Karissa carrying her art portfolio and I asked her if Phil had studio class on Friday, she said no, then I realized that it was Thursday...

Sunday- Made posters and hung one in Maura Solarium, did interviews while watching "You're the One that I Want"

Monday- First day of Eye Contact basket, and Watercolor class. The basket is slowly getting attention. In Watercolor, I like the effects and results, but being consistent is difficult. Water is wild...

Tuesday- went to st Mary's and worked in OPI, 9 to 10:30 (sorting clips), finished Inconvenient Truth in Senior Seminar, more moves in Jazz, comics in Media Aesthetics, then work at Writing Center 3:30 to 4:30 (5) found out that my hours have been reduced by an hour, read more Little Women, Women's basketball game cancelled...went with Jay to Tennis Practice to take pics of Men's tennis (2 hours)...

Wednesday- Went to work, started editing potential Forward, wrote response to Little Women, attended Honors (became official time keeper), met with SHU president along with class officers of 2007, found out that our commencement speaker will be Rick Sebak, went to work from 2 to 4, Literature for YA (finished all of Little Women instead of half- different book version)...SITA movie night about war and music, interviewed Laura...

Thursday- Woke up wrote response to Media and Global Warming, went to classes, more dancing, attended Student Interest Committee dinner (talked about my college career), did cartoon project, watched ER with friends (a little late because of Hockey)

Friday- Basket in Lowe, Maura solarium, broke even, profits rising a bit, got filmed...took photos of men's and women's track and field...

Saturday- finished graphic novel textbook, read "Storm," tried basket for ADP students, took pictures of Baseball camp, did watercolor exercises, missed dinner (thank goodness for left-overs), transcribed from digital recorder, watched Little Miss Sunshine (cute and funny), finished Setonian article at 2

Sunday- Brunch, finished last "academic objectives" (for now anyway), emailed photos and article, really cold outside, just made it to dinner with friends....(Punctuality is the key)

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