March 6, 2007


met with friends,
went to city,
windy, trashcan blown away rolling in the middle of the street
met more people, went to get c-books, ate burgers-- candid talks about Masaya's relationship and humpty dumty
headless bird, another bird frozen dropped dead
talked about corrupt officials and city
invisible act, not even trying, just stand there and people will just pass by
walking in a row, a good student who does his work
watched a movie (zodiac--> pacing slow, there were funny moments- jokes makes audience forget it's a murderer out there, some of the characters seem stupid or really carefree)
dark, got colder, and windier
took subway, disbanded, the three remain journey to south P.
walked two or three blocks- to a friend of a friend's house-
bought snacks, begin, candy, chips, drawing, deep tv issues, more c-book discussion, convincing of reading this and that, marvel vs. dc, smoke M., verbal gesticulation, sound, you're quiet, break the silence
women and bad roommates, keeping voice down, from pittsburgh- farm, 19 years old with own apartment a ba in acting want to go to grad school for directing- only the best and work with the best, heard of the hill, sometimes sounds angry (dichotomic personality but not, interesting stories bark, meow potatoes, more cold, bus stop, earlier talked about baghdad, animals and alienation
inside, they reminisced about drinking
self picturing them, what it would be like, --wasn't there to share their secret
taxi ride- fare not split in the middle- deserted empty avenue of the arts, orange lamp lights
2 in the morning, light still on, they didn't stay up to wait-- relieved
had fun... they walked on into their worlds, he retreated to his- pictures and rules nobody follows, he has to adapt without going bonkers
she owes god and herself for years of leeching energy from others and satiating their whims,
she has to be nicer to herself and be more forgiving of herself...

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March 4, 2007


he worries about using his credit card, he has just purschased a $500 school ring then he heard about his lesbian sister who just bought a $5000 engagement ring for her soon to be fiance...

when he asked her about the amount, she said, "hey one of my friend spent $15,000 for his engagement ring,

reminscing about college days when after getting out of jeep- the jeep is fast almost falling off,

encounters with pick-pocketers- seeing in front of me, i don't want to be a victim so I walk ahead -if I try to stop him he might pick on me,

then one time he tried grabbing my watch- it was new so I played tug with him- not really thinking about my life, i thought I put my money in the make-up bag, he tried to grab my make -up bag, i fell on the ground-- funny now but it makes my heart beat faster, pretending to faint so the guy will run away...

your lineage will improve, she's marrying a mestizo

engineer said "so you're course is english, does that mean you can speak good english now, you can become a journalist" ---> the arts and humanities because it doesn't make "quick" and "stable" and "for sure" money are the butt of jokes

filipinos are hard working, proud
they're touchy, they rather have their money rot in the bank than invest it, government's corrupt, the stars are the worst especially the old family,
filipino mentality- impress with foreigners- speak a little english here and there especially to the people in the higher ups-- wow
america's education system is top notch, the court system is good because there is one

"why should i know the answer? I'm not filipino" ---> the context: filipino talking about the answer to a filipino trivia question

there is a paradox, when i went to the philippines I saw pride in being filipino, my cousins joked about it, i saw it in the cultural events i went and the university i visited- especially in the institution directly link with education, my dad who sees the potential in the future of the philippnes, who prides hard working ethics of filipinoes seem to figure out filipinos-- donate money here, impress them with credentials of 'otherness' foreign exotic-- irony, may sound manipulative, but his vision/hope to educate filipinoes- share experience which may inspire them to better themselves and achieve something with their life- to be the future of Philippines is inspiring

every creation of God has its own unique beauty

filipinoes shouldn't be excluded from this,

teach them and show them the beauty of their filipinoness (not because of their light skin or straight noses and otherness- but because they work hard, they laugh/have humor, don't give up/support family, they're expressive (singing/dancing), openness to other culture - cons- to mingle and improve lineage through mixing with 'good' blood, pros- to learn about other cultures, learn from them, adapt what works and improve-- some filipinoes over time have become lighter and their nose straighter because of what their ancestors did, they have advantages, but they still have their humor about them, take a dark filipino with flat nose and you'll see that he is similar to the lighter one (the differences may be his skin tone)...

church-- > the fabric back drop is different, noticed the faux drawings of marble markings, more latin songs, new altar servers inducted...

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March 2, 2007

walking from 30th street to 8th and Walnut: three dramas and some minors

this time it wasn't that bad walking twenty-two blocks, I only had two small backpacks- one on my back full of assignments and one in the front full of snack et al. I didn't mind the walk, after 7 hours of sitting, I needed to stretch my legs and exercise.

it's always very cinematic, I rose from the tunnel using the escalator, I 'd be looking up to high ceilings of 30th station, very warm feeling- sandy stone, lights, gilded gold trimmings- people lining up, announcements over the 'pa.' I passed the bronze statue of "the angel lifting up a man," I happen to pick the doors that automatically opened.

Outside, the pillars framed the way for me, taxis lined up. There's a paradox in the way I moved. My steps were confident, I knew where I was going. My head was tilting in every direction: watching a crane lift metal, the dormant skeletal frames of a skyscraper that is supposed to be the highest one here in Philly history. the 'schukly' river is churning below, which looked like melted bronze with flecks of gold. Wind blowing combing my hair and massaging my head; it was just a nice feeling. for the most part, the pace of my amble was in sync with the downtown's stop lights- I rarely stopped and waited for the light to turn green (it was pass go).

I passed Love park, city hall, walked in the middle island of the Avenue of the Arts, and made a left on Chestnut street...

first drama- there was a crowd, people's head were directed to the opposite street. I hear people whispering "what's happening?", I too wondered. As I got closer to the scene, I see two black guys hand cuffed and sitting on the ledges in front of a store. Two white cops were standing to their left, and three bicycle cops were on their right. One of the arrested males was arguing with someone. I heard the word "deal," phrases "I wouldn't do that" "it's my grandchild's birthday" etc. I kept walking, I did turn around once but still kept walking (an aspect of Philly).

my eyes caught the display of macy, the fashion statement this season was "naturals"- earthy pastel colors- lots of tans, browns, green, pale yellow, khaki, etc. There was something military-esque and uniform about it. there's precision in the cuts, folds, and collars...

I reached my destination: Starbucks (what a surprise), I called my friend to start my spring break but she was busy. It was an awesome march day- a little windy and crispy air- towards evening the wind started picking up- I didn't want to leave the city so early. Black trash bags were bobbing up and down like jelly fish trapped in metal barrels... it was 4 pm so I ate an early dinner (sandwich and drank white raspberry mocha).

second drama- sitting to my left, there's an interracial couple, I didn't eavesdrop, the tone of their voice revealed it all. The woman's voice would rise and fall, and the man's voice was very calm, and steady. The woman looked like she's ready to go, while the man leaned forward, his hands appearing clasped together. When whatever they were discussing was over, the girl walked out but in peaceful/resolved terms.

straight ahead of my view in Jeweler's row, a pug just finished doing his business. he was brushing his hind paws onto the concrete as if he's revving up for a race...

third drama- a white couple was sitting behind me, when they first arrived they were in good terms and when they left they weren't. I heard the phrases "coping differently" then "taking the train" "driving in this traffic." The lady was saying that she'll take public transportation, the guy was trying to persuade her with traffic. The guy got up, put on his trench coat, his messenger bag slung to one side, the lady followed. they weren't holding hands, the lady got ahead of the guy, walking really fast with arms crossed, "smoke in my eyes" was sang by ella in the background.

after a couple more songs, I left and caught the 38 septa bus. The bus was rolling through Logan square (even though it's a circle) and stopped in between the Franklin institute and swann fountain park, by chance I saw the moon, which was pretty amazing. It wasn't even dark yet, the outline of the moon was perfectly visible in the blue sky of a setting sun. the moon was like white tissue paper pasted to the sky. the bus turned left to Benjamin Franklin parkway passing the philadelphia public library.

In front of the Rodin museum, an old man with a green bowler's hat was studying the "Thinker" from different view points. Joggers/rollerbladers. The bus went behind the philadelphia art museum, more murals on the bridge's wall.

Near Mantua, trash popped out on grasses and pavements. Neglected homes (boarded up), people chilling on porches, worker boarding doors- renovating houses...

I glanced upon the moon for the second time- it was brighter and shinier like a new dime fresh from the mint- polished silver platter superimposed on muted dusky blue.


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perks of business class

today for the first time, I reserved business class instead coach for amtrak, I figure I might as well treat myself, and for an extra $20 I upgraded from coach to business...

was the $20 worth it? sort of,

the perks:
definitely spacier
free drinks
and nicer customer service

in general, the amtrak experience is pretty spacey (not like greyhound) but in the business class, it's super spacey. I'm fortunate, usually the station that I depart from (greensburg/philadelphia) is always the stop that is near the beginning of the journey (which means that the train is not crowded yet- I don't have to rush to get a seat)-- less people make it appear extra, extra spacey. the chair is not worn-out fabric- smoother leather-esque

of course, the free drinks are awesome (non-alcoholic of course)- some of these drinks and coffee begin as low as $2 a pop so if you're a drinker, this works well for you, more drink also mean going to the bathroom a lot. I didn't get as much drinks because I was so consumer/environmentally-conscious, I was thinking about all the plastics: cups, bottles, plastic bag used to package the blanket (amtrak if you ever read this, I hope you recycle, someday I'll research more about your company's recycling plan if you have one or not), the little thing that I did was refuse the plastic cups given to me everytime I asked for a bottle of water. I just drank straight from the bottle, I took the two small bottles with me because I know my family recycles...

i usually take the coach instead of business, and the first thing I noticed is that the conductors are more accomodating in business class (I'm not saying that they're rude when handling coach passengers- it just seem that they're just putting time/obligation. in business class, they tend to put extra effort in socializing and being jolly). They ask if you want drinks, they joke with you, they chit chat as if it's a Gala. it has a curtain to close off the cafe part, it's like a whole new world, you take a special exit reserved for you- escorted out, you get a complimentary newspaper- and the temperature seems to be always right

convenience- near the cafe and near two bathrooms and near the exit- everything seems to be brighter,- this is the incentive

being nice and jolly is not difficult to do, everybody in this trip has a common goal- travelling to their destination to go home, do their job etc. (working together to get home and make a living- to live). why does it have to take an extra $20 to be more welcoming to certain passengers? people in general are more receptive and open to other nice people...

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March 1, 2007

6/15 (midterm)

crazy week- so back to rigid form

saturday and sunday- spent it making study guides, started studying, practiced dance for jazz two hours of choreographing

monday- continued studying- couldn't focus so spent almost half the day in the art studio, watercoloring- things are going along- I definitely feel more confident in watercolors I went to the extreme, my first rendition was light and serene, the second time, the picture was definitely darker but it was too busy. My prof suggested a balance between the two and to use shapes more instead of lines. I also need to not use too much water, and be more bold in my colors (instead of 30% diluted) at night I continued studying, and watch "Heroes" in this episode, it was more dramatic, the action was subdued, a different pacing slower one but still an awesome episode...

the ball started rolling on Tuesday- workstudy,one of the prof in grad school was impressed with my file, classes, canceled class meeting, met an old friend who's student teaching this semester, first time I saw her this semester, talked and chit chat before Networking dinner, she said that she feels unprepared, she's worried about finding work (traveling where the job is), SITA movie night "A Scanner Darkly" cool effects but distracting, slow pace, great for hallucination scene, studied a bit

wednesday- work, took pictures of jail/bail, class (prof on the the verge of quiting), work(chocolate), unproductivity, reading to death, verging on the nicotine patch (quit smoking), Setonian production, talked about class gift (plaque- people complain, it's easy to complain but organizing and fundraising take a lot of work), picked up snacks finalized studying for midterm test one (Lit. for YA)--> I was prepared for it, reminded me of Art History test, Eye Contact judging was a success most of the people I invited came, and there were a couple of surprse appearances by unexpected people (the more the merrier), 10 to 11:30 finalized choreography, 1130 to 1230 worked on poster...

thursday-- woke up, breakfast, took pictures for OPI Panels of soliders/navy etc. pretty interesting, I probably would have stayed but I needed to resume studying, poster presentation on batteries, (Senior sem class is enlightening but depressing, talking about serious issues and global complexity etc. etc. comforting thought individual action may appear small but it'll inspire others to change because forcing people to change will only continue the viscious cycle...) jazz midterm and dance- learn body coordination, then Media aesthetic midterm-- okay but I didn't finish the second half of the essay, facebook thanks, Setonian production- cropped speak out photos, changed contrast not too dark but not blindingly white, dinner,blogging, got kicked out of computer by rude girl who left her station without indicating that she'll come back, returned fifteen minutes later, kicked me out instead of using the other three computer stations that were open (at the time, I wasn't thinking of retorting and mentioning the other stations which were open, I was thinking of not being rude to this very rude girl who just checked something really quick and left 2 minutes later after I logged out--> I don't get why people can be rude like that, she saw that the other computers were open, she's so possessive she acts as if it's her territory, when it's public virtual comp. lounge, if I weren't so mentally drained maybe I could have suggested the other computers-- c'est la vie), packing, light reading, return books, visit friends wish them an awesome break..

friday, train leaves for Philly 8:01 am

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