June 27, 2007

belly buttons

Are people with "innies (inner belly button)" more introverted than those with "outies" ?

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June 23, 2007

technology and other updates

aside from my phone, the latest technology I bought is a digital frame...

don't get me wrong I still like the idea of one picture per metal/wooden frame (hard copy version/ touch friendly, tangible material) but since I like taking pictures and my digital camera has enabled me to take alot, see them in advance, delete pics I don't like- so now I'm having/taking more great pictures than before. I can't possibly buy hundreds of frames- there wouldn't be room in my room plus that'll be lots of $$$. I'm not about to clutter my wall with picture frames (lots of nail holes or those magical adhesives)....

so I went to bath and beyond and both a digital frame... originally it was $100, I hesitated in buying it, and then I remembered that I had a 20% off coupon sent to me so I used the coupon and some graduation money to buy the frame... I saved $20...

It has 256 megabytes of internal memory... it has several options, like slideshow (my favorite), movies (not going to use it because it'll eat up too much memory), can add mp3 music (possible option), several types of memory card slots (can work almost any type of memory cards depending on what you have)....I'm just happy, it may not be the bestest brand but it does its job and functions well....

I can't really complain- in one frame so far I'm uploaded 102 images (I think I still have room for 90 more)-- I still believe in albums... now when I go to Utah, I don't have to take a bag load of frames and albums, I'll just bring my digital frame...

Other updates... I've been running at least once a week on Kelly Drive, and I'm doing well... I remember, the first week of running, my ribs/sides would burn afterwards... on my third week, I don't get that feeling anymore... before I change course (a different running/jogging section of Kelly Drive) I'm going to attempt running my course without stopping for a very long time in the midway point....

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June 19, 2007

Let the Phone rrrring!

in the movies, silence is golden however in the world of phones, silence is NOT golden... unless of course you're in the middle of a very very important meeting and any interruptions will determine success or failure.

I finally got a new phone- one that makes noise and not just vibrates... being deprived of phone sounds for at least two years, as soon as I figured out my phone I connected to the site that sold ring tones... I spent $15 on five ringtones and a not so good wallpaper... the only time I'm going to delete these is when I'm running out of memory...

my dad and I got a family plan. I didn't really care if my phone wasn't the new iphone, as long as it met my criteria:

1. it has to have ringtones
2. calendar
3. internet
4. text
5. good battery
6. camera (to make wallpapers and profile pic)

I try not to be one of those hi-tech peeps, their life scheduled and their work stored in the palm of their hands- that's just scary (someone can easily snatch it or the phone can easily malfunction- even if everything is backed up in the SIM)...

trouble-shooting already
the black color I wanted wasn't available so the dealer (since there's a big discount involved) got me a gold phone instead- it's okay, it's not as horrible as can be...

the next day, I got locked from accessing my phone, I had to call customer service to get my PUK code...

My phone number is still the same, Im in the process of transferring numbers from the old one to the new one...

I switched company- the reason why is because according to the dealer, it was "easier" to keep one's old number if one were to switch company... the dealer further said that if I stayed in the same company with my old number, there was a 50% chance that I wouldn't get to keep my number, this could be his ploy to make me switch so that he can have his "commission" and so that I can get the "bargain".. it's a learning experience...

of my flip phone breaking
of losing the tones I downloaded

I'm just happy that my phone have sounds now... I'll know when my family calls when Toni Basil starts singing "Mickey" and when my friends call, the tune "It's the end of the world..." starts playing. Let freedom ring, let my phone ring!

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June 13, 2007

Negative spaces and taking pictures

I wonder if there's a correlation between my Asian family's way of taking pictures (whole body with a lot of negative spaces for the sky) and Ukiyo-e's use of negative spaces and asymmetrical composition...

If people blink and ends up closing their eyes when someone takes their picture often times (in my case anyway because I'm a "blinker") the camera is able to capture the serenity of the buddha in people's faces ... is their "enlightenment" caused by the "bright flash" ?

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June 1, 2007

playing Nintendo's Wii

Last Wednesday, my friend invited me to her house to play the Wii, nintendo's latest gaming system... I saw the commercials, which unfortunately I didn't believe...

however after experiencing Wii for myself, all I can say is WOW...the gaming industry is getting more high tech and more awesome... I'm not surprised that technology can do this, but I am amazed (aside- why can't people spend more time developing this type of technology instead of weapons of mass destruction?)....

for those of you who don't know what Wii, here are some of its feautures:

it's like a playstation (it uses discs)
it's whitish and boxy
it has wireless control (a sensor that can detect its movement)
-enables it to be held in various ways depending on the game
it's very interactive (you're not just pushing buttons, you're swinging your arms, and a lot of eye hand coordination, twisting your wrists)
it's almost like dance dance revolution's dance mat but it's focusing on the upper body

I played this game, I forgot what it's called but it has words such as, "Monkey...splitting...balls." in its title- it has a lot of party games like darts, baseball (hitting homeruns), ring toss, jump rope etc.

then I played this game that's sports focused...I liked the bowling, there's the tennis, which can be dangerous-- I almost got carried away because I moved my hand as if I really held a tennis racket (I almost hit my friend, I almost hit the ceiling fan with the controller).. there's golf and baseball...

inspite of the awesomeness of the sensors, there are ways to cheat the system (i discovered while playing bowling, cheating the moves) inspite of this knowledge, I still like playing without cheating, it's more fun not cheating and actually winning truely, not taking shortcuts and going through the full motion, for example, a golf or baseball swing, is rewarding in itself)...

I played a revamped version of Mario Bros....there's a new villain, Count Bleck, he's a interdimensional vampire and of course he wants to detroy the world by making it void, he jumps through different dimensions from 2-d to 3-d and possibly 4-d....there were instances when the game sort of broke through the fourth wall and conversed with the players (it's all scripted but still pretty wacky...)

this dimensional hopping is taken further...the game starts out as a flat 2-d, classic Mario, then later Mario gains the power to change perspective and go into 3-d world...this is possible by changing views-- this game, the idea behind is really playful- talk about messing with your concept of illusion and space... here's an example, the flat Mario is walking sideways, then switch to the 3-d view, Mario remains flat but the scene changes, one sees the cut out board (this is advantageous because it allows an entryway to an impasse)

it's mind twisting... the drawback--Mario couldn't stay too long in the 3-d world, if he did, his hp level would go down...

Wii is pretty novel, virtual reality to another level, try it and see for yourself!

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October 26, 2006

Unity Rally

At 6:30 p.m. I headed to Lynch to catch a SHU van to the Unity Rally. As I was emerging from the arch of the Caniven/Lowe tunnel, I spotted the SHU van. Wow, they're early, I went straight to it and try to get my spot.

Just to make sure, I asked if the SHU van was going to the UNITY rally. The driver said yes; BUT this van was reserved for the Resident Assistants ONLY, there was a SEPARATE van for SHU students. Okay, I thought, way to unite...

In spite of this episode, the Unity Rally was still fun, energetic, and full of camaraderie.

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October 21, 2006

Killer Whale in a puddle

I was walking towards St. Mary and for the second time I see a bus stuck in the slope leading up to the fields in the back of the Child Development Center. I'm sure this is another driver (hopefully not the same one), and I'm sure there are many more occurences of this nature.

You would think that SHU would do something with this slope or al least inform the incoming teams playing in SHU fields. Maybe this is for pyschological effect- a way to taunt the other team sort of like a "ha-we've got you trapped"- "You've been captured, now surrender." To psyche them out!

It is a weird sight, like a killer whale from Sea World stuck in a puddle at an oasis in the Sahara's.

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September 28, 2006

SHU shuttles aren't really for students

Can you believe the audicity, only certain shuttles are for students? Specifically for students driving. These shuttles are only to take those students from parking lot to certain buildings. Why can't these shuttles bring students who are walking from a long distance (let's say St. Mary's to Administration building [Admin.])- it's not unreasonable. Or why isn't there a shuttle route for students who take classes in St. Mary's?

This is based on an episode today. On any given ordinary day, I wouldn't mind walking from St. Mary's to Admin in that gradually rising slope, BUT today it was raining: a deluge (the second flood is coming). Happenstance, as I was coming out of St. Mary's, I saw a SHU van pulling in (I thought gee what luck I have). I approached the van, I asked the driver if I can get a ride to Admin. and he said no.

He said I wasn't a student in a parking lot. His van was only for students who are driving and need a ride from a parking lot to the main complex.

This was a shocker. I asked for help, and I was denied.

The van route is not so complex. It's not like the SHU campus is big. How difficult is it for the van driver to drop in front of Admin from St. Mary's? The answer I'll get probably will deal with "protocols." They should consider special cases and circumstances. The irksome thing about this episode was that the van wasn't even full- it was really really bare and empty. I understand if the van was busy, but it wasn't.

SHU shuttles aren't really for all students. They are only for the select and priviliged group who already have cars. The students who walk will always be walking (unless of course they get a ride from nice people). To be fair (even though this is a naive concept), the University should have Shuttle service for both the walking students and for those who park in far away parking places.

They should have Shuttle routes which often travel to St. Mary's (rather than occasionally). Students who are paying the same tuition and are affected in the same University life and its consequences should have the same privileges and rights.

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September 20, 2006

tell me your life...

tell me your life....
until later...

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May 13, 2006


last week I've noticed a phenomenon worst than senioritis, it's called senior avoidance.

This new thing called senior avoidance is very unique. I noticed especially in graduating seniors. My theory is that since all of them are graduating , they share this commonality of leaving SHU behind and anybody in SHU is a branch and reminder of their SHU past. They have a tendency to look ahead (not that there's anything wrong with this)

They get all soft and fuzzy because all of them are going to face the great unknown world. Some will go to grad school, others who knows what (most likely the workforce).

It is amazing how quickly they form this senior bond, and in the process, they neglect and avoid those they know in their past. It's a possiblity that people outgrow each other. It would be nice if they just remember in spite of all the hectiness and excitement happening in their lives.

When it's time for me to graduate, I'm not going to do this 'senior avoidance' thing, I'll make sure that I get a healthy dose of vaccine to fight this off...

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Don't cha!

Don't cha just hate when you show passion, share your opinions, you get all fired up (showing your conviction) and the person right across from you who you're being open with has this glaze look- no sense of recognition of your voice or what you're saying whatsoever (mind you that whatever you're saying is not a rant). Don't cha just hate that!

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April 12, 2006

something new, coincidence?

I may have lost my cd player, but I found Bob, BOB FM (I think it's 96.point something). He plays mostly early 90s salternative, but once in a while, he'll sneak in Madonna or something. BOB likes commercial because according to him, without it music can't be played. And if the songs are good, he'll play them. BOB FM advertises for Laser Eye surgery (I'm thinking of getting laser eye treatment because Tiger Woods had it, now whenever he's playing golf, itchy, dry eyes or the hassle of contact lens or glasses do not bother him, that's why he's a champion).

Coincidentally too, ever since, my cd player died, I feel like I've rediscovered my inner voice (no, not my consience) Mr. Chipmunk, the Falsetto. Maybe the ability of my cd player to play any type of cds (burned or real) was reincarnated in my larnyx. It's just too much of a coincidence that after the day my cd-player died, I can somewhat reach those high notes that disappeared because of THE ATTACK of THE ALLERGIES...

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April 10, 2006

the audacity

Can you believe it? My cd player quit on me. I put a copied cd in it, and the cd player literally said "no." It didn't vocalized it, the LCD screen where the digits appear for the time, spelled out "no." At first I thought, all of a sudden my cd player became a snob, and it only accepted "real" cd (not the burned ones). I tried a real cd, and it still said no. In a way I was surprised and not.

I was taken aback by this stubborn behavior because a.) I didn't do anything to provoke it to quit, b.)this is my third year with it, and it hasn't acted out before.

Sooner or later, I knew deep down inside that it would break down (I was in denial). I bought this cd player in CVS (I think) for $20. Originally it acted as my alarm clock. The cd player feature was a bonus. I didn't really expect much from it, because it was pretty cheap. I was impressed when I found out that it can play "burned" cds. Even some of the name brands out there can't even do that.

My cd player finally quit. In spite of this, it still functions as a clock, an alarm, and radio. I can always set my alarm to the buzz or country music on the radio. Maybe it's just tired, end of the year stress (coincidentally before it refused to play my cd, I had listened to music in high volume).

It was just audacious that this machine flashed "no" when I pressed the "play" button.

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March 25, 2006


so I google "greyhound sucks" and my blog came second, no wonder I still get feedback from people....

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February 24, 2006

Olympic Figure Skating Results: Mental/emotional sadism

Last night was the lady's figure skating long program. The gold was up for grabs.

Sometimes the commentators can be so dramatic and emotionally sadistic. After the competition, the NBC guy, who narrated the results, emphasized how Slutskaya and Cohen waited four years for this chance to skate in four minutes and hopefully win the gold. They would have to wait another four years for this opportunity. In four minutes Slutskaya's dream ended, he added that this might be her last Olympic.

Sometimes people lose the point. It's sort of that saying, "if you aim high enough and missed the stars atleast you'll land in the moon." Slutskaya aimed for gold, she missed, it's not the end of the world. She was fortunate to have tons of oppurtunity to go to the olympics. She had the Silver and Bronze olympic medals, tons of World titles, European titles, Russian titles. Her motivation, her inspiration, her personaility can't be captured in a gold medal. Hopefully she'll realize this and just brush it off and not waste her life pondering about the what ifs.

Slutskaya, the favorite, buckled and skated pretty tight. The pressure of a "Russian sweep" might have gotten to her or maybe some bad news about her mother distracted her. She ended up getting the bronze.

Cohen got silver. She didn't have a good warm up and as the commentator noted, her doubt of winning the gold was seen in her eyes. They also kept pointing out that one of her legs was wrapped (a possible injury). It looked really dire for Cohen in the beginning of her program. She fell twice in a row. Psychologically this was bad for her because she had a history of "falling" apart and losing concentration if something went wrong. A good thing happened; she fought really hard to get the silver, and she never gave up. She was into the character she portrayed, really passionate, and she took it one element at a time. After those two falls, she successfully executed her jumps and finished the program strong.

The gold went to Japan's Shizuka Arakawa. She was the first Japanese woman to medal at the Olympic, the first to get the gold, and the first Japanese to medal in this Olympic 2006. After seeing Cohen's program, she played it smart and "conservative" by not risking a triple triple combination. She was into the music and she had a clean program. Out of the top three she was the most composed and relaxed.

I felt sorry for Slutskaya because she was so close. However when she skated she didn't let her personality show (she was nervous). Even though Cohen got silver, I'm glad that she fought through and finished the rest of her program with a "Zing." I'm glad that Arakawa won, it's just good for her confidence (in a way she played the media rather than the other way around).

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February 17, 2006

yay and nay

Yay I've been quoted :)

Nay, I found out today (although this is old news) that Michelle Kwan will not be competing in the Olympics :(

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December 1, 2005

some ponderings...

today in Fundamentals of Criminalistic class, Jess, who was standing next ot the helium gas, said that when someone inhale helium, one's vocal chord shrinks (squeezes the air passage), that's why the voice projected sounds high and chipmunky...and in really extreme cases, if this someone were to keep shrinking and expanding one's vocal chords, it'll "explode."

I'm hypothesizing that this shrinking of vocal cords with helium has the same principals as those who sing in a range not normally theirs. Another friend, Stephanie, said a long time ago, that singing in a range not normally yours can damage your vocal chords...

the point is that maybe this two are related...

Another random musing, in class today, we also learned about grooves and lands of gun barrels...they form a spiral inside the cartridges that enable the flying bullet to have a spin. The spin helps it stay in "target."

Spiral, keeping it tight, spinning, and target just reminded me of pairs' figure skating, whenever the guy throws his female partner. The girl rotates in the air, and in order for her to execute her landing, she can't be leaning, she has to stay vertical while she goes through her rotation...this all has to happen really fast...

These are just some thoughts.

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October 29, 2005


Lately I've been dreaming about my teeth and how out of place they are, it's weird that I'm having nightmares on this subject (maybe because candy is in the air because it's halloween) instead of the ghoulish unknown monsters lurking around...

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October 24, 2005

Revelation about blogging

Blogging is just a euphimism for quiz preparation.

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October 18, 2005

My uncle dropped me off...

When we were in the Westmoreland Mall food court my uncle pointed out that the "Japanese Cuisine" and the "Chinese 'Wok' take out" are the same, they just had different names.

The significance: I don't know if this is insulting for the people of greensburg or the asian people of greensburg. The Chinese and Japanese are totally two different and unique nation/ethnic group.

When my uncle pointed this out, I suddenly remembered hearing the vendors of the 'Japanese Cuisine' speak Chinese. From this I deduced that it's the asians (working in this fastfood takeout) exploiting this oppurtunity: taking advantage of some Greensburgians' ignorance of different asian ethnicities out there.

I rationalized that these asians are just making business, trying to differentiate their food from others. They're using the name "Japanese Cuisine" as an edge. They figure it's an open market (not a monopoly).

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October 16, 2005


on my way to Pittsburgh i saw billboards for either Subway or Quiznos' "Philly Cheesesteaks." At first i thought that the billboard was rather plain.

But the second billboard I saw was the same as the first...there were 'graffitis,' I thought the graffiti was there because some hoodlum saw the plain white billboard and decided to spruce it up.

It's weird...I don't know if graffitti is insulting or aesthetically unique to Philadelphia. It's insulting because vandalism is being associated with Philadelphia (it also happens in New York and mostly large cities). It's unique because graffiti can be a style of the Philadelphia School tradition [of art]...

Who knows?...

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September 28, 2005

Chaucer's work surfacing in Christina Aguilera's songs

two points of interest from Chaucer's Wife of Bath's prologue and tale caught my attention when I was listening to Christina Aguilera's songs "Can't Hold Us Down" and "What a girl wants."

In "Can't Hold Us Down" Aguilera sang that in society throughout history there was a double standard: " The guy gets all the glory the more he can score while the girl can do the same and yet you call her a whore." The Wife of Bath was probably one of the earliest female model to argue this point and perhaps inspirred Aguilera. In her prologue, she claimed that she had five husbands: " Of husbands at church door have I had five." She was reprimanded by the church. They told her that she should follow the example of Jesus. She said: " Thus, by this same example, showed He [Jesus] me, I never should have married more than once."

The wife of bath rationalized that it was okay for her to remarry rather than stay a widow. She used the Bible to point out that God made humans to "pro-create." and she argued that if King Solomon could have wives and concubines, why couldn't she? For approximately seven centuries the wife of bathe's revolutionary thinking is still being reconfigure in today's society. Lil' Kim rapping along Aguilera's song: "the table's about to turn." They encourage females today to return the favor: "Do it right back to him and let that be that, you need to let him know that his game is whack."

The wife of bath's tal

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September 17, 2005

SHU community stays supportive

Seton Hill University's (SHU) students, staff, trustee members and neighborhood kids flocked to Offutt field on Saturday, September 10 for SHU's Griffins football team's first home game against McDaniels College's Terrors.

The crowd buzzed as former Pittsburg Steeler and SHU trustee Dwight White was given the title of Honorary Captain. As White introduced the Griffins, they [the teams]came running out of the field.

In the midday heat, the crowd persevered with towels draped on their heads. "It's too hot, but the game was like any other type of football game full of community bonding," said Keisha Jimmerson, assistant director of the office of residence life.

Junior Stephanie Kattera said, "I liked it [the game], they really worked together."

The Griffins lost to the Terrors 28 to 9 but sophomore Katrina Strokum continued to be optimistic, "They'll do better as they play more games."

According to Dean of Student Services Charmaine Strong, the progress that the team had made will give their opponents in the future "a run for their money."

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September 2, 2005

Newswriting: Hiding behind the Obvious

transperancy, is it clear at all?

often times a friend I've known had been accused of being too "obvious." People said she's predictable, but does an often proven "conjecture" of a given course be necessarily true/right?

In T.V. broadcasting (as from what I learned from two days of being in Newswriting), they showed stunning visuals and if not, just any image pertinent to what they call "news." It's true that pictures hold a thousand words. what if someone has a limited vocabulary?

from the outward appearance, can one tell of another's inner workings?is it enough for the superficial evaluation of others?

there are ways to manipulate images? does manipulation do more harm or not?

one can hide in images...giving an "impreesion"...tricking the eye to see what it wants to see.

it's obvious that someone can be ditzy, but who's tricking who and who's taken for the fool?

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June 19, 2005

Asian Festival and Religious Fanaticism

This past weekend I attended an Asian Festival in Pennslanding....From Saturday, June 19 to Sunday June 20, Pennslanding (part of PECO's multicultural series) organized the 2nd annual Asian Festival that celebrated the uniqueness of the various Asians in the Philadelphia community...

The festival was tres cool, they had asian food, arts and crafts and the songs and dance...I didn't care much for the food (big shocking surprise!)...I spent $13 on chinese art (paper cutting)...I was really impress with the traditional dances...the chinese and korean "fan dance"...of course the traditional filipino dances (tinikling, pandanggo sa ilaw etc.), the chinese opera, the cambodian flower dance (welcome dance), the martial arts demonstration, the chinese yo-yo demonstration, the classical chinese songs (reminisces, memory), korean ribbon dance and drum playing for harmony, chinese lion dance...the costumes were very exotic...

the day before this, I saw West Side story in Walnut Theater (America's oldest theater) and I was reunited with the delicious Gelati (italian icecream -->I had my first taste of this in Europe, I ate a cantaloupe flavored gelati mixed with panni cottta (caramel dairy-based ) It was so delcious, it was creamy and just right (not too sweet or bland)...

Religious fanaticism is scary...

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April 2, 2005


I wander what it would be like to work in Disney...

of course not as one of the character mascot in the theme parks but as one of those working on a new animated feature film as a writer or concept designer or researcher or something adventurous and creative...

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February 18, 2005

last vision before I woke up

I was looking up at the sky, the moon was the size of my thumb, and a yellowish star to its right was brighter and overpowering the moon. The star seemed to grow.

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January 19, 2005

List 77

Employee of the Month
The Core
A day without a mexican
Analyze this
King Arthur
The Grudge (Ju-on)
A paradise under the stars
The flower of evil
Brigham City

Rita Dove "Testimonial"
Alice Walker "Even as I hold You"
Margaret Atwood "Siren Song"
Donald Justice "On an Anniversary"
Kenneth Fearing "Love, 20 cents the First Quarter Mile"

Gerard Manley Hopkins "The Windhover"
Emily Dickinson "The Wind Begun to Knead the Grass"
Percy Bysshe Shelley "Ode to the West Wind"
Sir Thomas Wyatt "They flee from Me"
W.H. Auden "The Wanderer"

Basho "Lightning in the clouds"
John Donne "A Valediction: Of Weeping"
Ezra Pound "In a station of the Metro and Alba"
Robert Graves "Counting the Beats"
Robert Frost "Provide, Provide"

Robert Frost "Once by the Pacific"
Stephen Crane "A man said to the Universe"
Sir Philip Sydney "With How Sad Steps, O Moon"
Edward Fitzgerald "LXXIV Ah moon"
Walt Whitman "When I heard the Learn'd Astronomer"
Leslie Marmon Silko "Prayer to the Pacific"

Jekyll and Hyde
A star is born
Beijing bicycle
"On the Road
The agony and the ecstasy
The dialogues of time and entropy

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January 6, 2005

weird dream 7

ship sinks I escaped
petrified little bunny in a bowl of cheese curls
swimming pools
dinner with family

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November 25, 2004

greyhound sucks!

What makes greyhound suck?

On Wednesday morning at 12:35 am, I was suppose to depart from Pittsburg. Of course, we didn't leave until 1:30 am. The reason why we're late was "it's a holiday!"
I don't have any problem with delays but the way greyhound treated this delay was disgraceful. The driver waited until we were seated inside the bus and finally he acknowledge the fact that we were 1 hour and 10 minutes behind schedule. Common courtesy would have made the announcement after it pass the actual departing time.
Greyhound, a big conglamarate, should be prepared for this situation. I'd expect more from them.
In spite of this rant, kudos to them for a safe trip and for getting us to our destination as soon as possible. I arrived in Colombus 45 minutes after the original time we were supposed to have arrived.

P.S. I still think that greyhound is cramp, that's why i like amtrak, they are very spacious!

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September 6, 2004

La di da!

"A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds...with consistency, a great soul has simply nothing to do."

Things change
The clouds roll on
Something to Nothing to one-thing
Yesterday, the child
Petty and "clingy"
Clings to the past
Today, the man
Independent, dependent
Depends on the moment
Yet looks for consistency
Tomorrow, Who Knows?
Uncertain, but goes on
Goes on to live
The clouds are gone
Change is inevitable

I saw the City Dweller/cellars perform yesterday, it was very entertaining. I laughed "so hard I could barely breathe."

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September 3, 2004


I'm almost done the week!

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September 2, 2004

Almost There

8.Art gallery
17.Buy Stickers (mirror)
22.Research honors trip
31.Get situated
33.Buy Pink
34.Buy Box

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August 20, 2004

Summer is over!

Well hello everbody, it's that time of the year, the inevitable end of summer. Technically it's not so, but once one is bound for one's school, then it's official. I'll be enjoying these few carefree days left of 'laziness' cherishing the moments.
I was just wondering, is there anybody else going back to SHU this week, Aug. 23- Aug. 29.?
Overall I had a wonderful summer, full of highlights here and there. I learned a few things, and I watched tons of movies (92 to be exact, almost a movie a day for the last three months). I also read some classics and visited a few places (Connecticut, NY, New Hope etc...).

"Tho we gotta say goodbye for the summer...
I'll see you, [Summer] in the sunlight
I'll hear your voice everywhere
I'll run to tenderly [enjoying your warmth]...
Oh let us make a pledge to meet in September, [although it may be Fall]
And [anyway, let us just] seal it with a kiss..."

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August 9, 2004


"One flower
on the cliffside
nodding at the canyon"
Jack Kerouac

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July 27, 2004

Weird Dream

The day before yesterday I had a weird dream. There was a baby and he was crying and I could see some of his bones. Then Last night, I dreamt that a friend finally called me and left two voice messages in my phone, and I was debating the difference between with this ice cream called "Pristine..." and cookies and cream, the noticable difference that I detected right away was their color, the other ice cream had a rouge hue...

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July 22, 2004


Some time in the near future Act III of Cabaret will continue. Who knows what happened to our female protagonist in Act II, but in Act III she encounters Fifi the French squirrel who thinks she's a cat...stay tune!

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June 9, 2004


“I felt caught up in a reverie of years long past” (William Styron).

Enri was in a bus. It was a bit hot, the air conditioning helped a little. He just passed by the Roman aqueduct "Pont-du-Gard". Now he and his classmates are voyaging towards the place where French Popes "were exiled", the place where the other half of Catholics centuries ago (14th century), thought it was appropriate to move the dilapidating 'Catholic Capital' the Vatican, away from Roma...

The first thing he saw was the white towering brick walls that barricaded the city. "What's behind those walls?", he thought. As soon as the bus was parked, he got out, eager and excited, the sun was shining. He followed his classmates in a trail left off by their guide Pierre Frankcier...

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June 1, 2004


The rain in spain stays mainly on the plain.

"Bill Clinton and 'Adobo'" is what I heard, I sat there eating fried chicken and rice with biscuit and mash potatoes with gravy. The adults recapped their "glory days" of eating in restaurants and being food 'conneussiours'. Meanwhile, I'm trying to visualize the image of 'long-ago'... Out of the blue, I thought: "wouldn't it be "loverly" if I suddenly broke out into a tune and started singing something in French, 'annunciating' the french sound clearly. "[Insert thinking-with-chin-resting-on-palm-of-a-hand-sideways-while-making-the-sound-hhmm]"

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April 21, 2004

Do school officials (the ones that makes the major decisions) really listen?

I was just thinking (surprising isn't it), do students' voices/concerns/opinions really get heard? I've attended a lunch with the board of trustees and a meeting with the "master planning", and it seems that the same issues have been raised over and over again and either the problem is still there or a complete "volte face" of the situation(unwanted results) is answered instead. I'm beginning to wander if these meetings are just ploys to say that students' voices/concerns/opinions are heard. Hhmmm?

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April 3, 2004

You are getting sleep....

look into the blue light, Spikey! You're eye lids are getting heavier, you just want to close them and it's okay if not count to five...take deep breathes...

today i went to see another hypnotist show, but this time I had the bravado to volunteer. Last time, I remember the guy saying that to be in a state of deep sleep, one must be not thinking about being hypnotize and just relax. I was half and half, I wanted to relax, but I couldn't helping thinking about the audience. Eventually I got pulled out. 'Intermmitently' during the show, my eyes just wanted to relax and close it, but everytime I would reach level 1 of deep sleep, I would be brought back to a state of consciousness. Finally it got to my favorite part : the part of constructive suggestionings. I had to imagine what I wanted in life in order to be successful. Things popped out of my head:black blazer, spiked hair, trophy (human shape), child's hand flipping a fantastic book (accompanied by an adult), flipping...

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January 29, 2004

Moon River

What ever happened to the Man in the Moon? I wondered if he ever met the Lady of the moon, Hina-Keha-Uri.

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January 20, 2004


"Twinkies, what are their shelf life?"
My friend was wondering about this. What do You think?

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