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There isn't much to say about this podcast. Short and to the point, it gives details of Irving's life, and is a brief intro to his short story The Wife.

I did like the contrast between Leslie's wife Mary and Van Winkle's wife Dame Van Winkle. I dare say that there should have been an equal comparison to the two men of these stories.

Van Winkle was a shiftless layabout in his own story, while Leslie is an affluent person. Van Winkle could hardly stand to listen to the rantings of his wife, while Leslie would cling to hs wife's words. Leslie didn't deserve to have the complete love he so frantically cast off as nothing when he decided his wife's concern was for nothing more than material possessions. All the while, Van Winkle had his own little way of casting off his wife's rants.

But Leslie let himself get in the way of his own love.


Leslie should have been honest with his wife instead of giving his self such torment. Mary was raised without money and only had money because of him; maybe that is why it was easy for her to go back to being poor.

I like the contrast you make between Leslie and Van Winkle.
Mary Jane, I believe that Mary actually was raised in a financially sound family. Irving writes, "'she cannot realize the change we must undergo. She has no idea of poverty but in the abstract; she has only read of it in poetry, where it is allied to love.'"
This statement leads one to believe that she has been priviledged her whole life, but perhaps she takes the sudden and drastic change in wealth well because she has read of how it as it is matched with love in poetry.

I too like the that you brought you the contrast between both husbands. Just as both wives were on either sides of the spectrum, so were their husbands-have different emotions, concerns and beliefs.

Mary Jane I also thought from the reading that Mary was raised without money but from the way Leslie speaks of her gives the impression that she was not. It was a tad bit confusing.

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