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After class I'm going to go eat some raisin bran...'cause it tastes good, and I like it.

"That is to thy damnation without lesing
For my love is contrary to the love everlasting."

materialism is such a common theme in religious/spiritual literature that you'd think it would get old, but somhow, "Everyman" seems to do a great job with its portrayal.
"My love is contrary to love everlasting."
This line is so great becasue it doesn't throw out some overused cliche or tricky paradox. It sums up a thousand lessons, but remains short and sweet. The one thing that i really enjoyed at this poem is that it doesn't preach as much as other stories of this genre. It doesn't state facts, but rather eludes to them in ways that don't annoy the less-than-religious reader.


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Hmm... are you blogging while hungry again, Mike? :)

I agree with you. Before I read Everyman, I was thinking oh great, a story that makes the moral more than obvious, but I actually really liked it. I think the reason that I liked it, though had more to do with the flowery language than with the things alluded to, but both had value to me as a reader.

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