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"She gasped and shut her eyes. No. No. It couldn't be any baby. She was not going to have something waiting in her to make her deader, she was not."

what's so bad abut having a kid? Sure they're messy and can't hold a conversation, but boy do they ever cheer me up when i'm down! There are so many awesome things about having a baby that Ruby completely overlooks. Instead of just making you deader, let's concentrate on all the neat things that babies can do! Like play with blocks, eat things, make snot bubbles, sleep a lot, wear one-piece pajamas, not sleep a lot, get pinched, throw up...
This list is endless ruby...endless...
And all you can think of is "makes you deader?" I think you need to sit down and make a pros and cons list, because babies are kick-ass.


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I don't think Ruby has a problem with kids. I think her problem is that she thinks that having kids will make her older.

Yeah, I agree with Mackenzie. Ruby is afraid of becoming "dried up" and old before her time like her mother was. She might also have a fear that her kid will turn out like Hartley Gilfeet. (I wouldn't want a kid like that either). But she needs to remember that it's how he was raised that makes him like that.

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