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Ingestion of expired banana pudding causes rapidly escalating liberalism in children under seven

The manual staes that one of the main jobs of a reporter is to “ counteract rumour.” This is a huge aspect of being a reporter that i feel is often overlooked. Most of the time, the news is looked at as a horror movie of sorts, scaring families with exaggerated tales of violence and causing mothers worry about every passtime their child has. however, the minds of the masses can do more with an alleged murder than any reporter could ever dream of. Think of the elaboration on certain happenings just amoung this campus, and then think of the consequences when fraudulnt information is spread throughout an entire community, or even city. Stories, especially those with potentially threatening information, can spread rather quick through the grapevine, and if a legitamate news source doesn't have the actual facts to prove the public wrong, a rumour can wreak havoc on the minds of a community. A lot of the time, the facts are what scares us the most. But occassionally, when a rumour gets taken just a tad too far, we may actually find little bit of solace in the news.


Nice title. I agree with you. I have often watched the news and afterwards I have been extremely judgemental towards the things that were portrayed negatively. It's not that the news was attempting to scare me into believing that I am going to be killed by a tanning bed or that I have to wear a mask through the airport so that I don't catch the swine flu, but I just let my mind, along with others input, to lead me into believing that I can't have my own opinion on things. The news is just trying to inform society of possible threats. Sometimes they may seem a little off the wall, but really they're just trying to help. However, I don't think I will be wearing a mask through the airport anytime soon.

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