January 11, 2005


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Not One Damn Dime Day - Jan 20, 2005: Since our religious leaders will not speak out against the war in Iraq, since our political leaders don’t have the moral courage to oppose it, since Bush is wasting 40 MILLION dollars on his inauguration party…while the soldiers have inadequate armor and too few of them to create or maintain peace in Iraq… Inauguration Day, Thursday, January 20th, 2005 is “Not One Damn Dime Day” in America. On “Not One Damn Dime Day” those who oppose what is happening in our name in Iraq can speak up with a 24-hour national boycott of all forms of consumer spending.

During “Not One! Damn Dime Day” please don’t spend money. Not one damn dime for gasoline. Not one damn dime for necessities or for impulse purchases. Not one damn dime for nothing for 24 hours. On “Not One Damn Dime Day,” please boycott Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target…

Please don ‘t go to the mall or the local convenience store. Please don’t buy any fast food (or any groceries at all for that matter). For 24 hours, please do what you can to shut the retail economy down.

The object is simple. Remind the people in power that the war in Iraq is immoral and illegal; that they are responsible for starting it and that it is their responsibility to stop it. “Not One Damn Dime Day” is to remind them, too, that they work for the people of the United States of America, not for the international corporations and K Street lobbyists who represent the corporations and funnel cash into American politics. “Not One Damn Dime Day” is about support ting the troops. The politicians put the troops in harm’s way. Now 1,200 brave young Americans and (some estimate) 100,000 Iraqis have died. The politicians owe our troops a plan - a way to come home.

There’s no rally to attend. No marching to do. No left or right wing agenda to rant about. On “Not One Damn Dime Day” you take action by doing nothing. You open your mouth by keeping your wallet closed. For 24 hours, nothing gets spent, not one damn dime, to remind our religious leaders and our politicians of their moral responsibility to end the war in Iraq and give America back to the people.

Please email this to as many people as possible.

Posted by MichaelSichok at January 11, 2005 10:21 PM

Actually, there is hardly any government money used in paying for the Inauguration (aside from maybe security). Most of it comes from private donations and different political groups and lobbyists across the country. Also, aside from the actual swearing in ceremony, most of the parties and balls cost a pretty penny to get into, which helps cover the cost of the events.

So really your tax dollars aren't being used whatsoever.

Posted by: Mike at January 12, 2005 04:21 PM

Hey man! I dig the idea! I'm down! ;c)

Posted by: moira at January 14, 2005 10:31 PM

Hi other Mike, thanks for your response, although nobody was really talking about tax dollars. I checked out your blog, and you seem very knowledgeable, although perhaps you should take a little drive this weekend, down through the Mon Valley and see how a tiny sliver of that 40 MILLION DOLLARS could be used to better the lives of AMERICANS, instead of this inaguration. Take a little trip through Belle Vernon, Elizabeth, Monongahela. Look at the houses, the standards of living. This is an area only 20 some miles away, and is essentially Third World. Talk to some of the residents. I'm down in this area weekly, for my job. Ask them who in their neighborhood HAS health insurance or a 401K. Ask them who they know that has heat this winter, or who does not live without government assistance. Be sure to ask about HUD and Section 8 housing. Explain to them how 40 MILLION DOLLARS for a party is considered worthwhile.

Be sure to ask them about sewage and acid mine back-up water in their backyards in the summer.

Connellsville would also be a great place to talk about 40 MILLION DOLLARS, seeing as how the violent crime and arson rates are amongst the worse in the country, reflective of Fayette county's poverty.

Yep. 40 Million Dollars. How any of these "people" can sleep at night is beyond me.

Take a little walk through Greensburg, in the neighborhoods near the hospital. Maybe check out the mobile home parks in New Stanton and Hunker that are destroyed, thanks to the recent rains. Talk with the people that had nothing, and what they did possess is now destroyed, mixed in with raw sewage and flood water.

Feel like going on a road trip? Visit Steubenville, Ohio, or Wheeling, West Virginia. I've lived there. Take a walk through Bel Aire, Ohio. See what 40 Million dollars could fix.

There are countless Americans starving, suffering and dying in the 21st century. We are no longer a "First World" nation, but a nation endlessly increasing in debt and poverty. A nation choking to death on its own trash. 40 Million dollars could help feed, rebuild, save and provide countless people with not only a life better than they have, but with human dignity and the most basic necessities.

40 Million dollars may not be much to the garbage that will be celebrating their regime of greed, blood, lies and death, but it could provide miracles, not to mention clean water and food for people right here, in our very own area.

Posted by: Mike Sichok at January 15, 2005 12:33 AM
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