January 22, 2006

I like being old, and would not change it for the world.

You can have your "19 years-old," or whatever you are. I love being 33, because I can look back on everything that I've done, and smile. I've done it all, baby, while you were in diapers, literally. I look around nowadays, and see basically NOTHING. All of the good themes, ideas and events are long gone, from the massive RAVES at Metropol in 1992 to the whole living as a teenager WITHOUT cellphones, internet, dvds, etc. deal, back in '90... when we KNEW how to HAVE FUN :-)

Hell, I stood in line to play Pac-Man machines in bona-fide ARCADES in 1981. Let's skip those years for this blog though... WAAAAY to much to report upon, such as being baby-sat in the early 80's, while downstairs, your sitter was blasting Laura Brannigan's "Gloria," in the top-10 at 10 on 96KX FM, and singing into a spatula. (Yep, I snuck half-way down the stairs to watch, she was FINE. :-)


You can have your crappy music, stupid scenes, cliques, fashions or whatever.. I've sooo outgrown that, like a decade ago, when you were in elementary school. I'm a child of the 1980s. The "ME" Generation. I don't really care about you. I am GENERATION X. I've been skateboarding since 1986, mosh-pitting since 1988, and wearing the same clothing style since 1990. Hell, I still have a buncha clothes from '90 that still get worn regularly.. t-shirts, boots, jeans and belts... my trench coat is from '88, my painted up leather from '91. I have CD's that I bought NEW in 1987. I STILL make "mix-tapes." I've done more than you'll ever know, over the dozen-plus years that seperate us, and I'm happy.

I look around, overhear and observe... since I'm in college with kids that are up to 14-15 years younger than me, I'm often overtly aware of what's going on, and all of my feelings of who I am, WHERE I am and HOW I got here.. are eternally reinforced. It's like.. you just "don't know." You don't know or care about what happened back then, that wasn't your "time."

That's fine, no sweat off my back, because I wouldn't want to share it with you anyways. I'm not saying that you don't deserve to "know," but... LOL. Have fun with your "Dashboard Confessional," "Ashlee Simpson," or whatever. I'd rather talk to the professors instead, about books and films and music and everything else. I'll always be in awe of a beautiful professor that had the chance to see Ginsberg perform a LIVE reading.

Most of y'all don't even know or care who that is, and that's fine. Keep on reading your Harry Potter and I'll stay with my Bukowski. Keep on listening to your crap, and I'll have my Shoegazers, Madchesters, Post-Moderns, Industrials, Ravers, New Wavers, Metals and everything else.

Anyways, it's time to finish this blog.


We're gonna party like it's NINETEEN-EIGHTY-NINE.

Posted by MichaelSichok at January 22, 2006 02:26 AM
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