Onion, Something Is Happening in Haiti

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After watching this clip, I realized how many news reporters repeat the same information over and over again, to the point of it be annoying. I never really noticed the tactics used till it was mentioned in class. Since it was a spoof, it can't be taken seriously, but it does show how real reports do the same thing......the start to the breaking report is the same to how most start. You would think they could switch it up a bit. It was almost torture waiting to find out if they were going to say anything new, but all the female reporter did was guess at what was going on over in Haiti, was it a riot, celabration, or picnic?  I didn't see the point of guessing  if she had no proof to back it up with except for the noise. Why not just say we have no real evidence of what is going on? Then again I don't know a lot about reporting and newspaper, so I don't fully understand half the stuff they do to produce high quality and worthy news.

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