Confusion Within Books!

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Does He Man That?:

How do you know they really mean that? I mean, the person is usually already dead, so we can't even go up to them and ask, "Hey, did you really mean that?" We basically have to take others word for it. Personally, I'm not sure whether the authors meant for us to interpret their stories in any particular way. Couldn't they have just written for the enjoyment, did they really write, so that others can decode what they really meant? I still don't know after reading this.


...More Than It's Gonna Hurt You: Concerning Violance:

Violance is something that interests everybody, a booka can easily draw you in, if the author adds a bit of violance. Which is why it's in so many books. However, going back to the previous chapter. Do they really have a reason, other than to make the book more interesting, to put in? Is it a metaphor? It could be, or it couldn't. I think with violance there is a reason for it being in so many books. First of all, you can relate to it, second, authors can easily have it stand for something else. Violance, is one of the easiest things, at least to me becasue you can make it mean whatever you want. It's very easy to manipulate violance, and what it stands for.

Is That A Symbol?:

How do you know if it's a symbol, or just another random word?I guess anything can be a symbol, depending on how you see the object or person. However, the next step is explaining what you so called symbol means. What if your not sure what it means. Does that suddenly mean you were wrong? I don't think so, you just have to read over it again, and think to yourself what it means. Another problem, is that everyone thinks it needs to mean something in particular. Like the color green! the first word that probably pops into your head, or least in my head, is envy. Green has so many meanings, but the more familiar meaning seems to stick with the word. So what I'm trying to say, is that the more you here about a word meaning something in particular (green=envy), you always expect it to mean that, even though most of the times it won't. Too me that's what makes symbolism so confusing.


Green can also symbolize nature ;) I understand completely with the symbol reference. It's very difficult to "translate" something when there are so many possibilities!

I wonder why violence is so easy for people to relate to. I mean really, I don't see myself as violent person - but I guess I like reading it in books. I don't like seeing it on TV - ugh - then again I don't mind watching an argument. It's odd how fickle the mind is at what it likes and doesn't like. Books with violence in them have so many different options!

Finally, I agree with the first statement! I had a music theory class that often asked "why did the composer choose to create this piece starting with this note in the melody?" Why? Because he felt like it!! He sat down and played it and liked what he heard. It's the same way with books to me, why did the author write it? TO make money... to appease fans... whatever their reason, that's why they wrote it!

I'm so glad I can agree with you on all these points :)

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