No Longer Visible

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"Yet a little while, and she will be beyond your reach." (pg. 203). As Hester stands in the town waiting for the new govenor to appear, she begins to think of the past seven years. The worst seven years of her life. She says this to herself, almost in a gloating fashion. Even though no one hears Hester actually say this, she is saying in to them. Basically saying, that they won't get to see her anymore, the one they condemed to a depressing life. Their freak show. She is very excited to be leaving in a few hours. She's almost saying, you better take one last look at the scarlet "A" because you won't see it again after today. She is very strong emotionally at this point in her life.


I just realized the entire quote is not posted, so here it is:

"Yet a little while, and she will be beyond your reach! A few hours longer, and the deep mysterious ocean will quench and hide forever the symbol which ye have caused to burn upon her bosom!"

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