Showing Not Telling.....Clark & Scanlon 294-302

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I agree with Clark & Scanlon with the point of showing the readers what is goind on. Even if they were not present, the audiance/readers ahould feel like they were right there when it happened. Because honestly reading is much more interesting if you have an image in your mind as you read. Would you rather read an article/story that decribes the day the crime was commited as being just cold, or would you rather they described the day as being, cloudy, and was so cold that it mad your bones ache, along with rain pelting down at a slant. I would rather it be decribed to a point where you can picture it. Almost like you were there.


Jennifer Prex said:

In order to hold the reader's interest, it does make sense to use these writing techniques. The reader will get a better understanding of what's going on as well. It is always more interesting when the writer shows rather than tells.

Aja Hannah said:

Yeah, picture is really important, but there is the contradiction of simplicity.'s a fine line and balance.

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