What Does The Scarlet Letter Mean?

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What Does The Scarlet Letter Mean?"Mother," said she, "what does the scarlet letter mean?" (pg. 164). In chapter 15, towards the end, Pearl questions her mother over and over again about what the scarlet letter means. Even though Pearl is only a child, she is extremely insightful for her age. Some would argue that Pearl really doesn't know the the sacrlet "A" means that is almost seared across her mothers bosom. However, I think Pearl does know what it means and why her mother wears it. Since she is wise behind her age, I don't think that can be used as a reason. Personally, I think it's just another way for Pearl to draw attention to it, and her mother. I don't think it was an innocent question at all, but an evil one. Pearl didn't need the answer because she didn't know, but to make her mother uncomfortable.

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