What I Think About The News

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Honestly, I don't really watch the news, I never go home and go directly to my laptop and look at what happened today on the internet. I almost never turn on the tv and watch the 5:00, 6:00, or 11:00 news. The closest I have have come to watching the news lately is to get the weather, but as soon as I hear it the tv, or the web page I got it from, I turn it off. I would rather read a good book than watch or read the news. However, in the past, say middle school and high school I did watch the news. For example on 9/11, I was glued to the television for weeks on end trying to get as much information as I could. But as soon as the stories became repeats or there was nothing new I stopped watching tv. I do see the importance in the news, and it does have its purpose, I just don't find myself drawn to it. I guess that's why I don't always know what's going on around the world. To me, the news has a lot of poor reporting, and I guess that's why I'm turned off from it a lot of thime. There really isn't a lot that they report that draws me in. However, when they report something, say a plane crash or bombing, something that doesn't happen all too often I am more likely to toon in and listen to what they say happened, where and when, who got hurt, were there any deaths, and why they think it happened. Other than that I'm not reallly interested. So far in my life time I haven't found any news that really draws me in, and grabs my attention, but I am optimistic that it will happen. one of these days I will turn on the tv and a story will come on and have me spellbound just like books do for me.

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