Which is a Better Story?

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Which would newspapers use in their stories? Which is the better story?

20 People Die in Nepal

The bus drivers was speeding when he lost control of the bus. 20 people died, and at least 11 people are missind after a bus skids of a mountain side into a river in Nepal. They recovered 12 bodies downstream, 11 are still missing, and 4 have been rescued. tThe cahnce of finding anymore survivers are slim, officers say.

30 Killed in Muzaffarabad Bus Crash

30 people were killed in a bus crash, in the Pera Paposa area of Azad Kashmir, after plunging into the ravine. the ravine was 1000 feet deep. The injured were takin to the hospital, but the bus was ill fated when it plunged into the raivine.

Both stories are similar in the fact that they involved buses, and that people both died and survived. however, which story would be more interesting to make into the paper?

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