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I've never actually written my own editorial, so I wouldn't know exactly how to argue my point, but still hit on the openents side. I do however know how to be nice about something I don't agree with. For my senior project in highschool, I had to argue my point in why euthanasia should be made legal, while hitting on the openents side, and why they think it should stay illegal. I had to give both sides, without overely favoring mine. I couldn't be rude or make the otherside seem stupid. Since I was for euthanasia becoming legal, I had to back it up with facts, and give solutions. The solutions caused a bit of a problem because it raised some problems with my view, but I addressed them with ways to prevent them. It took me 6 drafts to get it to where I wanted it to be, when I finally turned it in. Turns out I still overaly favored my side, but at least I wasn't rude about it. I find you can sway peoples decisions just by offering both sides with the correct information, and letting them choose.


Yes, a pro/con debate assignment is good trainig for doing a similar thing in wriging.

Michelle, don't forget to post a link from your blog back to the course page for this reading.

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