Fancy Politics About Christ

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Chapter 13: It's All Political

To me, politics aren't very good. In fact Fosters has the same idea when he said, "They don't travel well, don't age well, and generally aren't much good in their own time and place, however sincere they may be" (109). I don't think it matters how sincere they try to be, because it almost never comes out that way, at least when I read it. To me it sounds arragent. Along with the sincerity issue, there is the objective issue. Once again, no matter how objective you start out, a writer almost always favors one side of the argument, and a lot of the timesit shows. In my opinion political writings aren't anything special.

Chapter 14: Yes She's a Christ Figure, Too

In a work of literatur, the author may not come right out and say this is from the Bible, but they may show it based on the characters role, or even how humankind relates to nature. Then again it could be hidden in allusions and analogues. One thing that is helpful is to know a bit about different cultures and their religions. That way your not in the dark when you read something that makes references to the Old and New Testament.

Chapter 15: Flights Of Fancy

"If it flies, it isn't human" (125). True to some extent. It depends greatly on what your writing about. Everyone knows that birds , bats, and insects fly. Not humans. However, there are some birds that don't fly, like penguins. If your writing about real life actions then it would be pointless to make a human fly. However if it's set in a fistion world, well then you can do whatever you want. You as the author can make anything fly,  and make flight mean anything, like freedom or fly. It all depends on what type of writing your doing. Fiction or Non-Fiction.

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