Easier Said Than Done!

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Fosters, Chapter 25: Don't Read With Your Eyes

Don't read with your eyes, but rather with the eyes of those who lived when the story was written, or those in the story. Easier said than done. Why? Well because everybody wants their opinion to be right. But also because it depends on the story and how it's written. If it's interesting and attentiongrabbing then it's easier to look at from different point of views, and your better able to understand and appreciate the other views, seen from other eyes. However, if its boring, then you tend to miss crucial information.By reading from other point of views and seeing things through other people's eyes, you will better understand whats going on and why people act a certain way. Besides, it's more entertaining view a story in several different ways, rather than just your own. Your eyes may be clouded over with mundane things you normally wouldn't look twice at. I mean really, whats so interesting about celery, apples, and oranges? Well to figure that out , you need to look through the eyes of others.


Fosters, Chapter 26: Is He Serious? And Other Ironies:

"Are you Serious?" is one of my favorite lines in a story. Not always worded the same way, but with the meaning. I always want to scream at the characters who say this, "Of course they are, why else would they be saying it?" Then I have to back up and remind myself it's just a story and laugh at myself. The more I think about it, I begin to think, maybe it's a trick,irony, or something else. I always enjoy when a main character is told to do something, but they don't beacause they don't take it seriously. talk about wanting to scream, and that certainly does make me want to scream. But maybe the other reason they don't listen, apart from being stupid sometimes, is because something ironic is meant to happen. Still, it's annoying to wait for it to all play out for the character, when you as the audiance can already see what's going to take place. My biggest question is how do you know when its irony? In this chapter it says to just listen. Once again, easier said than done. 

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