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I guess I prematurely spoke on giving Angela and Derek a kudos...they deserve an immense round of applause. The time and effort they put into their presentation went beyond anyone's expectations. It's a shame Angela has such long pretty hair because if she didn't...she WAS the Joker!


Bethany and Ellen did a great job with the Three Little Pigs. It was a charming presentation and the girls delivered it well. I really enjoyed being exposed to the different versions of the story because I had completely forgotten about the story from the wolf's perspective.


Erica and Jenna also put a lot of time into their presentation and it was fantastic! The lead into the incorporation of the pictures was funny...I wasn't expecting them to have "purchased" the rights to the story line. I thought that was excellent! Also, the powerpoint was informative and entertaining. I enjoyed the background info on Jane Austen and the exposure to the other movies.


Kayley and Mara's presentation on the Boxcar books was super informative. I never realized that there were ghost writers for a large chunk of the books in that series. I also didn't realize the differences between the books and how the newer authors updated them and I think it was to include a broader audience and probably make their way into the Young Adult Lit genre.

Portfolio III and Presentations

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As the semester closes and I reflect on my first blogging experience, I must say it was a positive one. I hated blogging at times and felt cool indifference at others. But sometimes I felt the joy that comes with learning something, with chewing and digesting a piece of information. In no particular, I will share the blogs that gave me a lil' happy:


·         Calling All Linguistics Students

·         It's Okay To Be Angry...Unless Your A 19th Century Woman

·         Buy Me A Little Happy

·         So Little Time, So Few Lines

·         Tomb Raider and Derrida?

·         Madness or Suicide? Is That Feminism?

·         Unusual Perspectives

·         Isn't It Ironic?

·         What's The Opposite Of Pathetic Fallacy?

·         Your Murky Conscious


Portfolio One...How I Wish That Blogging Was Done

Portfolio II


I will also take time in this entry to comment on the final presentations. I am looking forward to everyone's presentations because we are all quite creative and as a whole, a very entertaining bunch of students!


Greta and Katie did a fantastic job on their teaching presentation. They obviously put time and planning into their activity and I liked their willingness to share with us what they learned by observing one another in a classroom. Quinn and Sue were entertaining and I think they chose an awesome topic because every English major is interested in the mystery of Salinger.


Also, pre-kudos to Angela and Derek for all the time they put into their website. Based on that website, I am sure their presentation will be fantastic and fun.

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