Breaking News Just In...Maybe...Well Not So Much....

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 I love The Onion. I really, really do. This video shows an excellent spoof of exactly what we hear when "Breaking News" flashes across the bottom of the screen. In every circumstance of "Breaking News" the reporters are stone faced and have absolutely no idea what is going on, just like the anchor in the Onion video. Her tone and her statements are exactly what we hear during "real" Breaking News.


I was reading Angela's blog entry and she said the video reminded her of the Fitness Center shooting and I also remember hearing six people were killed and it was actually four. The video also reminded me of 9-11. It's very hard to watch any sort of Breaking News today and not think of the attack. I remember watching TV news for hours and hours because everything kept changing and unlike the video on The Onion the news just got worse. But for the first few hours, well I should say days, not a lot of facts were known. Breaking News is not the news to watch to get facts.


The part of the video that really made me laugh was when the picture of the reporter popped up and his birth and death were displayed after a loud pop was heard, the news station presuming his death. My, wouldn't that be "Breaking News" indeed!

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