TV News Elicits Emotional Responses...Or Tries To

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I didn't find the breaking news very exciting. Cars wreck....alot. They even travel in the wrong direction...alot. But the breaking part came because these accidents weren't reported on during the other news casts.


To me, the most interesting news story was the four boys who escaped from their foster home. And that could be because I like a good story. Four small boys aged 9, 7, 5, 3 run away from their abusive foster parents is a statement that elicits emotion. However, I was surprised that the news displayed photos of a boy with bruises on his skin since it wasn't determined whether the women were being charged for anything or not. But now everyone will think they are guilty. I do. And I hope they rot for abusing children. And I'm betting that's just what they wanted you to feel.


But the headliner for the evening was the student at CMU who killed him/her self. The reporter actually stated that their station doesn't typically report on suicides. Is suicide really that common? Is it still too taboo to discuss?  Or is it just extra interesting since the student plummeted to their death from a few flights of stairs?

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