Beware Of "Muddy" Points In Journalism

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Since I was an editor for the school newspaper in high school I have experience with writing news articles. And there are A LOT of differences between an essay and an article and this chart provides a wonderful reference point.

Short and sweet always seemed like the golden rule to writing a good article. Short, informative and concise sentences are what news writers strive for. There can be no "muddy" points in an article because you don't have time or room to clarify what you are trying to say.


Jessie Krehlik said:

I was an editor for my high school paper as well, so I know exactly where you're coming from. In a way, I almost feel like we should take some of what we learned with writing news and apply it to our english essays. Like clarifying our information and keeping things concise. It's really important to not use passive voice in a news article, and doesn't the same apply for any good English essay?

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