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The Golden Gate Park article certainly was an article that was applicable to a broad range of people. I don't live in San Francisco but closing parks because of a lack of funding is something that is going on right here. I live within 10 minutes of Linn Run State Park. Or I used to. It's on the list of the 35 state parks that may be closed due to lack of funds. Even though we live in a wooded area, Linn Run is a great place for a weekend getaway, an afternoon hike or a bike ride. It's important to locals as well as tourists.


The Golden Gate article reminded me of my own park plight. Which was part of why the article was assigned for us- "the reporter traveled to a specific location and reported on a specific event, not because the event itself was newsworthy, but because it created an opportunity to report on some event that has a much greater scope."


In this case, the reporter's words traveled from California to Pennsylvania.


April Minerd said:

Excellent example, Michelle. Something that might seem limited to California transcends state lines. In a similar way the Indy article does much the same by taking an environmental issue and expanding the potential audience through a connection to race car driving. Both articles find ways to take a larger issue and make it more relatable.

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