Pizzazz! But The Short And Sweet Kind

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I find it particularly difficult to begin any piece of writing. And newswriting may be the most difficult because of all the pizzazz you have to put into your first sentence. There is no time for a funny anecdote that relates to the central theme of the article-it's a straight up exclamation of, "You must read me!"


Writing visually seems like a win/win situation. It grabs the attention of the reader and you can do it in a few brief lines. When you begin a story it is important to unfold the details. By giving the reader a little bit of a glimpse of what's to come with every next word, you're hooking them. I enjoyed the example in the Cappon text about Bill the fireman who doesn't mind ladies ogling his naked form but is violated if a man wants to ogle. The sentence lays a visual foundation word by word and you wonder where the story is going until you get to the part about Bill and his 2mil objection to a man's ogling. Fantastic lead, and I would defiantly like to try a "show don't tell" lead.

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