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It's time to assess what we've covered so far. I must say that although it is a lot of work, blogging allows for a bigger class, like our News class, to have more interaction with one another. There isn't enough  time to discuss readings or news events in class and it is nice to know that we have a place to appreciate one another's work and respond to one another's ideas.



Here's a list of my blog entries that aren't mentioned anywhere else-

Save It For Your English Papers

Pizzazz! But The Short And Sweet Kind

Ready Your Anecdotes

Breaking News Just In...Maybe...Well Not So Much....

Raw Emotion Means Lack of Respect

TV News Elicits Emotional Responses...Or Tries To

A Famous Person Has (fill in the blank)



Alice's Butcher Knife- I think this entry provides a good look at why we need to be aware of how we present sensitive topics.


MLA, APA, Chicago, AP Style...My Poor English Brain!- This was an important entry because the reading and class discussion established that newspapers follow the AP style guidelines. As an English-Lit major it was very helpful for me to go over the rules for a different style of writing. Many rules were ones I had never heardbefore.


Beware Of "Muddy" Points In Journalism- I liked this entry because it reminded me of something my Lit Crit class used to do, Muddy Point and Clear Point. Journalism is full of clear points. It has to be because every single letter counts when you are writing an article.


Rat Tail With Your Soup Sir?- This is a good entry because I didn't know much about "pitching" an idea. I also liked that the author said it's okay to fail at a pitch because it may be a good idea, just not for that newsday.



Bus Plunge Genre- This entry has the beginnings of a difference of opinion.


Greta's blog entry, Capturing the Soul in an Obituary, was a great entry and she brought personal experience into the entry and I wanted to leave my thoughts also.


I also tend to comment on Angela's blog entries. She makes her entries fun to read and I usually end up learning something else from them.



The following entries are my entries with the most comments:

Damn NATO And Their Earthquakes...

Quotes That Get Emotional

Alice's Butcher Knife

MLA, APA, Chicago, AP Style...My Poor English Brain!



My blog entries were timely. If I ran into a hitch, some may be posted on the day we have class instead of the day before.


 My class reflections (Reaction To Presentations) of the "News and I" presentations were posted the day after presentations.



I provided several links to outside sources or other blogs during this round of entries. For instance, in the Bus Plunge Genre entry I provided a link to a map of where Upazila was located because I had no idea and imagined many others wouldn't know either. I also linked back to the individual news stories.


Quotes That Get Emotional and

Beware Of "Muddy" Points In Journalism both link back to the class website or the article in reference.




What Will Our Legacy Be???- This entry was inspired by the VMA's and the "oops-twitters" of the ABC newscasters.  

Reality vs News- I want to point out my "What News Means to Me" video because I spent a lot of time on the project. It was the first video I ever made and I figured out how to convert youtube clips and needless to say Windows Movie Maker and I are great friends now!

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