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"She's probably the most incredible person on Earth quite frankly," Mansfield said. "There's no reason in the world for her to do what she's doing. She's not getting paid at all. It's just so people like I can have a chance."

How can this quote NOT influence you to believe Mimi is a wonderful person? Stockton chose good quotes like above that elicit emotion and inserted them throughout her article. This was obviously a profile on someone who is a contributing member of society who has an impact on a lot of lives.


Derek Tickle said:

I, too, think that that quote is a wonderful selection. As we learned, we must be selective in what we choose to include into our news pieces. If we take our time or ask the "right" questions, then we can get these kind of answers. This profile reminded me of watching an emotional show on television. Take the Hurricane Katrina relief charity show that was aired in order to raise money for the victims of the flood. As I was watching it, they listed quotes and photos of people from the area. It was a moving piece, just like this one. Mimi seems to be a special person that has many qualities. What a great person!

What's so great about this article, though, is the fact that it had to have started out with Stockton brainstorming ideas and looking around for people to interview. The people celebrated in profile pieces like this aren't necessarily obvious heroes to go to; unlike the other article, the writer didn't have the fame of Dr. Seuss to help sell the article. All she had were these quotes, which help us piece together a picture of Mimi in our mind as a hard-working, caring person. It's really cool how Stockton was able to do all this in such an effective way. Like all good newswriting, it doesn't call attention to the writer but to the subject, although the article and the effect it has on us could never have existed without the writer.

Greta Carroll said:

Matt makes a great point. Silbert doesn't have the fame that Dr. Seuss does at all. Stockton can't play the "notable person" card. She instead capitalizes on all the quotes she collected. And personally, I think that Stockton's article is a much stronger article than Gorney's because of this. Sure Gorney could use some fancy language and talk about all Dr. Seuss's books, but she didn't quote all that many people besides him. Stockton, on the other hard, took an unknown person and quoted so many people from different sides that her article is very powerful and believable and she doesn't even have to rely on the fancy language or writing techniques that Gorney uses.

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