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Group 1

I enjoyed learning how my peers viewed the news and I enjoyed listening to the different approaches we took on educating one another about our views.


One commonality between the students was getting news from the radio, which surprised me a bit. While radio news, to me, is better than TV news, it is still quite biased. But it is an easy and enjoyable way for Aja to listen to The Kane Show from her home state, Maryland. Andrew also listens to the radio news and he listens to NPR. Andrew says it is a good, unbiased news source.  I would like to explore NPR Morning Addition based on his recommendation that it has in-depth, unbiased coverage.


I also want to note the students in my group who took really excellent creative approaches to presenting their take on the news. Greta and Malcolm recited poems. Malcolm's take on the news was interesting because he is from New York and he said they are constantly saturated by negative news. I really enjoyed Dianna's comic strips and thought she did a good job of making "light" of the news. Jeanine's newsletter was well done and I could tell she put time and effort into her presentation.


This was definitely an excellent way to familiarize ourselves with our peers and our relations to the news. And I really enjoyed doing it outside!!

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