Ready Your Anecdotes

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I thought this example of an obituary was over-the-top. Granted Marie did a few extraordinary things in her life but for the most part was an average person. Most newspapers have a standard format and insert bits and pieces. No one does any reporting because the funeral director gives you a handout to add what you would like to the obituary. And most families aren't prepared to provide clever quips or anecdotes when a loved one dies.  


However, I did like that the article pointed out ways to tie sentences or ideas together, like when the author wrote "red suit" and "red faces." It's a simple way to create a sense of connectedness in writing and it's applicable to all writing, not just obituaries.



Aja Hannah said:

I did think it was a little excessive, but maybe this family hired somebody to write something or maybe it was a local paper. This person did seem like a local sensation.

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