Tone And Quotes Can Sway A Reader

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Chapter 6-

On page 51 the text talks about not taking an amused tone to a story about "death, pain and suffering" (51). Reading the example made me think of something you would come across in a TMZ or other crazy celebrity news source. I think it would take a special breed of person to write about any of the above in a humorous or light tone.


Your tone is reflected by the words you choose and this section brings up another good point. Cappon says, "A shootout in which several are hurt or killed s more than an incident," incident being the key word because it suggests something on a smaller scale. I think of an incident as a small conflict of some kind, maybe a school fight or a fender bender.


Chapter 8-

A quote is such a complex thing in newswriting. A quote can do so much for an article from setting the tone to providing evidence. It's like the way quotations from a text are used to support a thesis in a paper. Newswriters use quotes to support a news story.


I think it would be difficult as a reporter to gather quotations for your story. You would have to fit the quotations into your story but it's not like you can expand on the meaning of the quote like in a paper. The quote is the quote and it is left open for readers to interpret. If you choose a bad quote it could sway the entire piece into sounding biased.   


Wendy Scott said:

I agree with you Michelle! I think that Chapter 8 has a great deal of importance for our future articles as we take on bigger task on a journalistic role and model articles that we could write in the future. I like how you stated, "The quote is the quote and it is left open for readers to interpret.":) I mean we must write so readers can get a feel for themselves where the article is headed and how there overall understand is. I agree with you as well choosing a good quote is beneficial in the overall matter so that you don't lead into a biased matter. Good points!

Richelle Dodaro said:

You definitely make an interesting, very true point about not having an amused tone in a story on death, etc. What kind of person would act amused when talking about death? This just seems like human nature for one to be sad when talking about death, so it's kind of funny that this was included in the chapter.

Angela Palumbo said:

I loved how you used TMZ as an example. One time I was watching TV and an ad came on for TMZ. They were freaking out because some celeb pulled the bikini string on the back of one of her friend's bikinis while she was laying down. To the normal person that would signal that her friend didn't want a tan line, but to TMZ it was equivalent to the discovery of the cure to cancer.

@Angela: Surely not the cure for skin cancer.

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