What Will Our Legacy Be???

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This "news" story was on my igoogle homepage and I wanted to share it with everyone. It is an excellent example of the impact of social networking sites on our culture. And I think we are approaching a point where we must say, "Enough is enough."


Celebrities boo-hoo because of the paparazzi but they have twitter accounts. Online news writers scramble to get the scoop but they have incorrect information and it ends up snowballing into many news sources with incorrect information. What happened to research and checking facts? What happened to the written word?


I like Facebook as much as the next person but what is next for our culture? Do we really want our legacy to be the conversion of the English language into "text speak" and the development of social networking sites to the extent that one doesn't even leave the house? Face to face contact isn't necessary because I have 1,867 FB friends. And why do I need to have my own life when I can live vicariously through celebs and other public figures by stalking them (which thanks to Twitter is REAL easy)?


We, as a culture, are worth more.  


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