Portfolio II

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I wondered why my blog list was so short this time around until I realized that during the last few weeks since Blog Portfolio I, we have been doing a lot of hands-on activities, including gathering our spot news info, drafting the spot news and the dummy layout. I have to say I like the mixture. I've reached a place of peace with blogging and I find them beneficial. But I'm also a visual learner so the activities in class like the dummy layout and even the clicker activities help me.



I am just going to list all of my blog entries because we haven't had excessive entries since we did our first Portfolio.

Back To Clear And Concise

Reader's Motivations Are Disturbing

Little Words Influence Readers

Tone And Quotes Can Sway A Reader



So far Tracking a News Story has the most depth.



Hitting Home and Tone And Quotes Can Sway A Reader both were posted promptly and have well thought comments posted.



A few of my blog entries were late this time so they didn't receive comments. However, I posted a solid entry for our Tracking a News Story assignment before the due date on the 9th. I'm also posting this Portfolio early. 



I've gotten comfortable with links so most of my entries now contain links if it is relevant to the topic. The Tracking a News Story entry has many links.



I'm working on the Tracking a News Story entry and plan on continuing it even after the assignment is over. Blogging can provide you with a nicely packaged history of an event.


Derek Tickle said:

Nice Job, Michelle! I like how you explain your growth and growing appreciation towards the blogging community. Keep up the good work!

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