Reader's Motivations Are Disturbing

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 "Some people are interested in the way criminals get something without much effort. For example, although a gang of crooks may spend weeks or months planning a robbery to net them $100,000, it might take ordinary workers many years of effort to earn that much legally. Some crimes may fascinate people who obey the laws but who wonder what it might be like to break them." Click here for the whole article.

I was very disturbed by this. Granted we all have our individual motivations but I think the above statement reflects a real laziness in our society. It would never occur to me to read about a crime because I am interested in people who get something for nothing-essentially. I do understand that elaborate crimes make a really good movie plot but in reality all it is doing is hurting people who are working for a living and punishing the people who do obey laws.

This article was really informative and I really liked it. I just want to believe people are better than the above.

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