Tracking A News Story: A Fire Hall Catches Fire

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On October 3 a fire hall caught on fire. Ironic? Yes, but importantly, it is devastating for the members of its community. My grandparents had their 50th wedding anniversary at Fairfield Twp. Vol. Fire Co. #1. My family celebrated more birthdays, graduations, retirements and weddings at that fire hall than I will ever remember.

I heard about the fire first through the "grapevine." The first news station to post an entry online was WTAE. Their first entry was posted at 4:28 pm. The article was updated on October 4 at 9:36 am.

Coming in at a close second was WPXI with an entry posted at 5:40 pm, updated at 10:38 pm.

KDKA posted an article at 10:38 pm but earlier in the afternoon when I googled the story KDKA's article was the first one to pop up. Maybe KDKA's entries only show the last date, rather than giving a post and an update like the other news stations. KDKA also has this video that appears on more than one news source's website.  

Saturday night at 11 I watched WJACTV's news and they posted this video and article online at 12:23pm on October 5 (two days after the actual event). WJACTV was also the only station to check the fire hall's website, which issues this statement:

"On October 3, 2009 at approx. 4pm our station caught fire.  At this time it is not known how much is lost.  Our apparatus remains at a ready state and we are still operational at this point.  Please check back for more details."

WTAE's article is the only article that has details and quotations. The other articles are done in the "breaking news" style.

The news stations left all of their articles open-ended so a reader can expect to hear more once the extent of the damage is estimated and if the fire hall has to close I am sure that will become news. So I will definitely be posting links to any new news!


Posted October 27, 2009


So the only news site to follow up on the Fairfield fire hall story is a site that didn't do a breaking news story. I found that to be interesting. The Trib published this article on October 19th and my uncle was also quoted in the story J.

The Ligonier Echo, a local news paper so antiquated it does not have a website, published the exact same article as the Trib on October 22. It does have a different headline. The Echo cut out "Fairfield Township" BUT the echo doesn't credit anyone but "Ligonier Echo" with writing the article. It clearly states on the Trib's site A.J. Panian wrote the article. I wonder how this is permissible?


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