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I found this book interesting because it can be easily related to everyday people in everyday situations.  The fact that the characters remain mainly nameless, makes it easier to relate these characters to people in our own lives.  Though the desire for freedom is a very humanly attribute, it can be applied to any time period, which includes our modern day and age.  Obviously we don't have to face as many of the same problems had to back then (we aren't forced into marriage and we have the right to vote) but there will always be a longing for freedom.

When Helen reaches her breaking point, having her child, she is clearly only thinking about freedom. However she does become mentally unstable and ruin all her chances of freedom as well as her life in general. This is just one example of how people let their desires fog their cognitive abilities. I know that there have been times in my own life were I have let my wishes block my judgment; nothing to the extreme of killing someone, but still the same concept.

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