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I found the whole concept that there is only one story ever written intriguing. At first I had a hard time sitting down and realizing that it was true, but towards the end of the chapter there is a reference to music. "One of our great storytellers, country singer Willie Nelson, was sitting around one day just nooddling on the guitar, improvising melodies he'd never written down, never heard in quite those forms. His companion, a nonmusician whose name I forget, asked him how he could come up with all those tunes, "They're all around us," old Willies said. "You just reach up and pick them out of the air."  This I found inspiring because if you think about it there are a lot of newer bands that are just putting a new twist to classic songs. I know that two opposite artiest, Flo Rida and Marilyn Manson, have both redone the song "you spin me right round." That is just one example of how the music industry is reusing its resources to create a new sound. This concept can be applied to stories, and when you think about it makes perfect sense.

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Ashley Pascoe said:

Ok. I'll admit that I clicked on this one cause the title really made me laugh. Two complete opposite ends of the music spectrum. However, I really loved this idea! I never even thought to relate this to all of the different songs and styles of music out there. You really thought outside of the box on this one. It kinda made me think about movies as well. There have been so many remakes of the same movie with differents spins on them. For example, the story of Dracula. You have your classic black and white, and the more recent Van Helsing and Underworld (which is not really involving Dracular but it is an off chute of the classic vampire story)

A Marilyn Manson fan... said:

I'd just like to say that before you write an article please check your information.

Marilyn Manson never has and probably never will do a cover of "You Spin Me Round". That is a band called Dope who did the cover found floating on P2P networks as by "Marilyn Manson".

It's also funny how bad people are at telling artists apart. Firstly, Manson doesn't sound like the lead singer of DOPE and secondly that is not Manson's style at all.

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