December 31, 2003

Time Management for Teachers

Posted by Michael Arnzen at 9:59 in Praxis.

Over the break, my colleague, Lee Tobin-McClain had an article come out in The Chronicle of Higher Ed (I think this is #4 for her at The Chronicle!). It's a great self-help piece on Time Management for New Faculty. Highly recommended reading! (I'm the guy she mentions who usually doesn't come in until 11 am because he tries to do scholarship/creative writing every morning, by the way. Does it work? Hell yes! (What she neglects to mention is that I have to teach NIGHT CLASSES to make my schedule happen this's not really less work).

If this article goes into the pay-only archives, query Lee about either acquiring a copy or where you might read a reprint.

[It's funny: perceiving this as a need among the new cadre at SHU last term, I requested the dean host a "Teaching/Learning Forum" on this very topic -- "time management." She seemed game. I hope I didn't unknowingly sign up my colleague for extra work! Oh well -- that's what she gets for not telling me about this article when I had lunch with her the other day. I learned about it from another colleague's blog (Thanks again, Dennis Jerz!)]

On this topic, I've discussed time management tips for teachers in this blog before. I've also discussed an article that claims some teachers "launder time" the way criminals launder money. McClain recommends Dick Bolles' What Color is My Parachute for to do list prioritization; I recommend David Allen's Gettting Things Done.

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I'm always interested in time management tips. I'll have to check out the article you mention, as well as your other posts.

I haven't read David Allen's books, but I subscribed a while back to his Productivity Principles Newsletter, and have enjoyed the content thus far. I even added his Weekly Review items to a memo in my I just need to remember to look at the list!(g) BTW, your link is broken for DA's site -- try:

Posted by Marcia at 12:57 on December 31, 2003. #

I might be the faculty member who merely had time to roll his eyes...

Posted by Dennis G. Jerz at 19:22 on December 31, 2003. #

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