February 11, 2004

Plagiarism is Good

Posted by Michael Arnzen at 14:57 in Theory.

I read an interesting essay (found and responded to at Jerz' Literacy Weblog) by Russell Hunt that articulates why the problems that plagiarism poses for writing teachers are all good for teaching. I agreed with much of what Hunt says, but I also felt it was too counter-intuitive to buy. Isn't saying plagiarism improves education analogous to saying crime improves society? Even if it does (by increasing security or whatever), it's still crime. Read it for yourself...it's part of a larger work in progress that makes for fascinating study.

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I'm gonna build a essay database with online website to market to educational instituions. I'll charge beaucoup bucks and I'll get that federal money from the schools that I will need to pay back in months to come. Just Watch.

Posted by Brian at 15:37 on February 20, 2004. #

Just give my multiple choice test and no more essays! That'll solve the plagarism problem.

Posted by Brian at 15:40 on February 20, 2004. #

i have to do a conference about plagiarism
y am suposse to defend it, as it is a good thing, but i am against it and besides that i can't even find information saying that plagiarism is good

Posted by camil at 10:34 on March 18, 2004. #

Forgive me if I sound indelicate, camil... but did you try clicking on the link mentioned in this blog entry?

Posted by Dennis G. Jerz at 20:28 on March 18, 2004. #

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