September 22, 2004

The Greater Evil

I've been thinking for awhile to post a coment stating whether dowloading free music from the internet is evil or not, surely i know its not a 'god given right' to have my free music, but i disagree terribly with the fact of having to buy a brand new eighteen dollar CD that only has two good songs in it anyways.

I mean if anything its unfair that these artist (that are already rich) are getting even richer by doing shoddy work in their albums. i would agree to spend money in a CD when i'm sure that all the tracks in it are worth listening to, and when i also know that it was a god hardworking production, not something that they just placed together in the last minute so they could buy their gucci belts.

Now if you think i'm all forward to downloading free music, i'm not, i don't agree in stealing and although sometimes i get angry with some artists and their snobery, at least for me it never feels right to take something that i know i shouldn't be doing, (not to mention i can get procecuted for it.) So in the end i guess i can only say that if there could be a mutual agreement that would satisfy both the artist and the consumer, everything could be solved more amicably.

All i can say for now is i know tons of people that don't and wont buy an album until they are sure its worth listening too, and for that they believe that they are compeating against what semms to be the greater evil...

Posted by MisheilaPellot at September 22, 2004 1:25 PM