October 26, 2004

Mind Over Pure Reason

I personally believe that the mind is a very powerful thing, yesterday i was caught up by a standstill, we have so much talent and potential and if we really realize how much we could do with our mind, or just with our will to accomplish something we could do things that many people could even concider as unimaginable.

To be precisse i was tutoring some fiends of mine in their spanish. My friends (who will remain anonymous by their request) were having problems with the subject, saying that they were encountering dificulty with the grammar, the spelling and even the very mechanicals of the language. I thought of it as understandable and tried to walk them through it. Then one of them approached me with the question 'Misheila...wasn't it hard for you to learn english or at least difficulty writing it when you started?"

The answer to this question had me baffled for awhile since i myself didn;t know the right answer to it...yes it was very hard for me to learn a second language, in fact as i recall my experience starting the first freshman year in my all english speaking catholic private highschool, me a girl that had been educated all my life in public schools, yes it was horrendous by the start. But along the way...somehow i think it was in the middle of my sophmore year english became one of my favorite subjects and i convinced myself i guess that it wasn;t as tough as i originaly sought it out to be.

My point in bringing this little anecdote however is that i believe the only reason why we even function in this world, in our lives, in our talents and decitions is because not of our inteligence or our slickness (although i wont denny they play an important role in our development too.) But in our belief in our success, our blind determination on acomplishing something against the odds. Our will our power to believe in the unbelivable, in the unproven, the unknown, God, Fate, Destiny. The little convictions that keep us sane, that give us hope and that make stronger than what we like to give them credit for...

Posted by MisheilaPellot at October 26, 2004 1:03 AM