October 26, 2004

I know this might sound a little...well, how can i put this, all my entries, or at least most of my good entries and fun ideas in writing, evolve from thoughts i've had along the day, questions or perhaps just crazy situations that just seem to evolve in to even crazier plots. Tonight was not a fun night, and it seems like this week will not be an exiting week either as it seem that social tension and personal problems are invading the admosphere of what otherwise could be concider a crazy life.

I don't agree with competition, but females are way too competitive when it comes to everything and i find this to be both frustrating and dumb. I mean i was just thinking earlier if we are so secure about ourselves, our appearance, our self, esteem, why do we always have to compete with eachother on figuring out who's prettier than who all that sort of crap we are always so focussed about.

I've learned that even i tend to do it, me and every girl in america and perhaps the world just has to look around the room full of females (unconciously or conciously) and check out if any of the girls sitting in that room with her are pretier than her or not. i mean competition over beauty is so comon amongs female society and so accepted that we even hold pagents for that sort of thing. We actually devote a whole time span of days and hours and money and Tv time that we could very well be spending trying to...i don't know finding the solution for world hunger or some other thing. In actually trying to pick out of a croud of women who is the pretiest of them all that is worthy of a tittle and a crown.Oh sure, we don't just focuss on beauty, anything else that we could make a contest about we jump right ahead and take it. Who is the smartest, the most sophisticated, most witty, most eloquent and popular. Men do it, yes...but not like we do...

this should arrise the question is there something wrong with us, has society programed us to be this way, to fight over ourselves and be petty about trivial and meaningless situations. Or is it in our nature to be this shrude and sneeky, do we really live up to the comon notion that we brought evil to this world?

Posted by MisheilaPellot at October 26, 2004 11:34 PM

Wow...that's some deep thinking there...

I know what you mean about girls being too competitive. It's like we always have to outdo each other, sometimes. I think it has something to do with self-esteem and pride. If you're the best at something, other people will admire you and look up to you, and therefore you will feel good about yourself.

If you think about it that way, it doesn't have anything to do with evil--it just shows more women must stop feeling like they need to step on each other's feet in order to feel better about who they are.

Posted by: Valerie Masciarelli at October 30, 2004 11:53 PM

I think I was in the eighth grade when I started noticing the perpetual need of girls to be showered with attention - whether within the sex or from the opposite. Even then, I was pretty sure that there's more to life than shoes, clothes, makeup, parties, and boys. It's made me very picky as far as close friends are concerned - thankfully, I've found very down to earth, intelligent friends who like to talk about more than last season's fashions.

Posted by: Neha at October 31, 2004 11:54 AM
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