January 26, 2005

"A Good Man?"

Well first of all the story "A Good Man is Hard to Find" was a bit confusing in the end, in fact it wasn't till i think the third time that i read over it that "i think' i might had gotten the nature of the story. For what i saw the nature of the story was pretty dark and the tittle "A good man is hard to find" could possibly be the understatement of the century.

But if there was a fact that i did find intresting and that stood up in my head as i read was that throuhout the story neither "Bailey" the son nor his wife ever dirrectly talk to the grandmother or so much as acknogledge her precense as she talk durring the car ride. the only ones that have a dirrect exhange of conversation with the old lady are the children and not until the end are words exchanged between mother and some. "Some not so nice words'

Also i think is irronic that just as the grandmother was ignored when she and the Misfit are having their conversation both Bailey and his wife and the children are ignored as well. Didn't anybody else notice that?, i thought it very intresting


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Good point... the grandmother is very isolated. She does talk with the children, though they aren't very respectful to her. June Star seems to be echoing back complaints that her parents may have made about the grandmother (see the bottom of 137).

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